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21 December 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 7 December
15 December 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 1 November
15 December 2017.GU Joins as Newest Member of the ccNSO
08 December 2017The ccNSO Council Nominates Nigel Roberts to fill ICANN Board Seat number 12
08 December 2017.MU Joins as Newest Member of the ccNSO
06 December 2017Draft Agenda – 1 November Council Meeting – Abu Dhabi
04 December 2017Update & Next Steps: Board seat 12 Nomination Procedure
04 December 2017Update & Next Steps: ccNSO Council Election FY2018
04 December 2017ccNSO Activity Summary November 2017
01 December 2017Draft Agenda – 7 December Council Meeting
28 November 2017Council Adoption – Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee (SOPC) Charter
28 November 2017The Strategic and Operational Planning Standing Committee Provides Input Regarding ICANN Reserve Fund
23 November 2017ICANN61 ccNSO Travel Funding Applications Closed
14 November 2017Election Notice, ICANN Board Seat 12 FY18
14 November 2017Stephen Deerhake re-appointed as ECA representative until end of ICANN61
08 November 2017Apply for ccNSO travel funding for ICANN61, San Juan
03 November 2017The ccTLD Manager for Lithuania (.lt) signs the accountability framework with ICANN
01 November 2017We need your feedback: ccNSO Meeting ICANN60, Abu Dhabi
30 October 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 19 October
27 October 2017Call for Nominations ccNSO Council Closed
20 October 2017Call for Nominations ICANN Board Seat 12 FY18 Closed
17 October 2017Draft Agenda – 19 October Council Meeting
13 October 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 21 September
05 October 2017ccNSO Activity Summary September 2017
29 September 2017ccNSO Council Letter to the ICANN Nominating Committee
25 September 2017Call for Nominations to the ccNSO Council
22 September 201721 September 2017 Council Resolutions and Decisions
22 September 2017The ccNSO Council adopts the amended version of the TLD-OPS Standing Committee Charter
19 September 2017Call for Nominations for one Director to the ICANN Board
15 September 2017Draft Agenda – 21 September Council Meeting
14 September 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 24 August
11 September 2017ccNSO Council adopts joint ccNSO SSAC Response to ICANN Board
06 September 2017Call for volunteers: drafting team Terms of Reference, review ccNSO Meeting Strategy
05 September 2017ccNSO Council letter to the GNSO Council regarding potential participation in WT5 (Geographic Names)
01 September 2017ccNSO Activity Summary August 2017
25 August 201724 August ccNSO Council Resolutions and Decisions are Now Posted
17 August 2017Draft Agenda – 24 August Council Meeting
15 August 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 20 July
04 August 2017Pablo Rodriguez (.pr) selected as ccNSO representative on the FY2018 NomCom
04 August 2017ccNSO travel support slots FY18
31 July 2017ccNSO Activity Summary July 2017
27 July (Zimbabwe) joins as newest member of the ccNSO
25 July 201720 July Council Resolutions and Decisions
24 July 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 29 June
14 July 2017ccNSO Council Approval Action Decision Fundamental Bylaw amendment
14 July 2017Draft Agenda – 20 July Council Meeting
12 July 2017ICANN60 ccNSO Travel Funding Applications Closed
06 July 2017ccNSO Activity Summary June 2017
05 July 2017ccNSO Council congratulates Hiro Hotta (.jp) and Patricio Poblete (.cl) with winning ICANN Ethos Award 2017
05 July 2017Call for Volunteers to serve on FY2018 ICANN NomCom
29 June 2017Apply for ccNSO Travel Funding for ICANN60, Abu Dhabi
28 June 2017ccNSO Meeting Satisfaction Survey ICANN59, Johannesburg
25 June 2017Draft Agenda - June Council Meeting | Johannesburg
15 June 2017The cross-community working group on use of names of country and territories as TLDs, chartered by the ccNSO and GNSO, has posted its final paper
13 June 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 18 May
01 June 2017ccNSO Activity Summary May 2017
12 May 2017Agenda – May Council Meeting
09 May 2017Call for volunteers: 1 ccNSO appointed member to the CCWG new gTLD Auction Proceeds
04 May 2017ccNSO Council wishes to acknowledge and thank Mathieu Weill
04 May 2017ccNSO appoints Jordan Carter (.nz) as co-chair CCWG Accountability
04 May 2017ccNSO defers participation Registration Directory Services review
03 May 2017Call for 1 Volunteer as Member of the Cross-Community Working Group Enhancing ICANN Accountability
03 May 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 13 April
01 May 2017ccNSO Activity Summary April 2017
28 April 2017ccNSO Council submission to the ICANN FY 2018 Budget and Operational Plan seeking increase in travel slots
25 April 2017The ccNSO Strategic and Operational Planning WG (SOPWG) - ICANN's FY 2018 Operational Plan and Budget comments
18 April 2017ICANN58 ccNSO members meeting satisfaction survey: evaluation of the community feedback is available now
11 April 2017Request to defer decisions on retirement of ccTLDs until completion of the ccPDP
10 April 2017Revised Issues report – PDP Retirement and Review Mechanism
10 April 2017Call for volunteers – Policy Development Process (PDP) – Retirement
06 April 2017Agenda – April Council Meeting
03 April 2017ccNSO Activity Summary March 2017
03 April 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 15 March
22 March 2017Re-selection of Katrina Sataki as Chair, Byron Holland and Demi Getschko as Vice Chairs
22 March 2017ccNSO Council Requests Deferral of ccNSO Organizational Review
15 March 2017ccNSO Meeting Satisfaction Survey ICANN58, Copenhagen
15 March 2017ccNSO Meeting Satisfaction Survey ICANN58, Copenhagen
13 March 2017Draft Agenda – March Council F2F Meeting
09 March 2017ICANN59 ccNSO Travel Funding applications closed
09 March 2017The ccNSO PDP Issue Manager has submitted the Issue report to the ccNSO Council
09 March 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 9 February
01 March 2017ccNSO Activity Summary February 2017
22 February 2017Apply for ccNSO travel funding for ICANN59, Johannesburg in June 2017
21 February 2017New ccNSO Liaison to GNSO Council
10 February 2017Appointment of ccNSO Liaison to ALAC
09 February 2017ccNSO Council Adopted Guideline
02 February 2017Agenda – February Council Meeting
01 February 2017ccNSO Activity Summary January 2017
01 February 2017Next ccNSO Council meeting – 9 February at 11:00 UTC
30 January 2017ccNSO Letter to ICANN Board re: EPSRP Final Report
24 January 2017Call for Volunteers: ccNSO appointed Liaison to the GNSO
23 January 2017ccNSO Council Minutes, 12 January
10 January 2017Next ccNSO Council meeting – 12 January at 19:00 UTC
03 January 2017ccNSO Activity Summary December 2016