TLD-OPS Standing Committee

The TLD-OPS Standing Committee is the oversight body of the TLD-OPS mailing list.

The purpose of the Standing Committee is to govern the daily operation of the TLD-OPS email list; and, when deemed necessary, to develop and implement progress plans for future improvements and developments of the TLD-OPS email list, including its ecosystem.

Working Group Charter

Leaflet on TLD-OPS Mailing List – Also available in AR ES FR RU ZH

ccNSO SECIR Final Report

TLD-OPS Email List Information

Working Group Members

ccTLD Region Name Role
.br LAC Frederico Neves Member
.ca NA Jacques Latour Chair
.dk EU Erwin Lansing Member
.km AF Ali Hadji Mmadi Member
.nz AP Jay Daley Member
.tz AF Abibu Ntahigiye Member
.uk EU Brett Carr Member
Afnic EU Régis MASSÉ Member
    John Crain ICANN Liaison
    Warren Kumari SSAC Liaison

Support Staff:

Kimberly Carlson