ccNSO Working Groups and Committees

ccNSO Working Groups or Committees are working on a variety of topics, ranging from policy development to internal procedures, outreach, capacity building, meeting planning and much more. The charter of a working group defines the work items, internal decision making and procedures, participation, and duration.

Membership is open to all people associated with a ccTLD manager, whether they are a member of the ccNSO or not. All Working Groups and Committees operate openly and transparently. Depending on the scope and charter of a ccNSO Working Group or Committee, people affiliated with other ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees are welcome to join as observers.

Groups meet regularly, usually every two weeks, via a virtual meeting room. Meetings are recorded and archived. Interested in joining a ccNSO Working Group or Committee? Keep an eye out for the calls for volunteers, or contact the ccNSO Secretariat. Subscribe to the ccNSO monthly newsletter to stay informed about the latest developments.

ccNSO Working Groups and Committees:

Former ccNSO Working Groups