The ccNSO social media strategy

The country code Name Supporting Organization has developed and continues to further refine its social media strategy. A summary of the strategy can be found here. Our aim is to inform and engage the ccTLD and broader community, via social media. At the same time, we want to put in more efforts in increasing the presence and information of what is happening in the ccNSO landscape.

A survey was running between 6 and 31 March 2016, where we were looking for answers to the following questions: How to best share content and information with you? What online formats do you turn to? What type of information would you like to see us provide? How do you yourselves share content and information online?

Consult the survey results here.

As of H2 2016, regular reports on the ccNSO social media metrics will be published in this section of the ccNSO website.