Guidelines Review Committee (GRC)

GRC Charter – revised (March 2022)

Documents, meeting recordings, and additional information of the Committee can be found on its wiki space


The purpose of the ccNSO Guidelines Review Committee (GRC) is to review the current guidelines and to ascertain whether they reflect current practices and working methods, identify potential gaps, and based on this analysis propose changes to the current guidelines to the Council.

Scope of activities

The Committee will undertake the following activities: - Develop and maintain an overall schedule for review of guidelines in order to assist the Council and membership of the ccNSO to engage and provide timely input into the processes;

  • Develop a set of general principles for ccNSO guidelines;
  • Provide regular updates to the Council and community on the progress and anticipated developments via written updates, designated sessions at ccNSO meetings and other means, such as - but not limited to – webinars;
  • Propose the changes on a guideline by guideline basis to the ccNSO Council at regular intervals and in accordance with the adopted work plan;
  • After completion of the review of the Guidelines, review the Rules of the ccNSO;
  • Prepare and submit the Final Report to the Council. The Final Report should include at a minimum:
    • an overview of the considerations and principles taken into account by the GRC to conduct its analysis and proposed changes,
    • an overview of the guidelines reviewed,
    • recommendations, if any, to change the Rules of the ccNSO.

Working Group Members

Sean Andrew Copeland (.vi) - Chair
Segun Akano, .ng - Vice Chair
Stephen Deerhake, .as
Dejan Djukic, .rs
Mirjana Tasic, .rs
Svitlana Tkachenko (.ua)
Sabrina Wilkinson, .ca
Katrina Sataki, .lv (Observer)

Former Members

Alejandra Reynoso, .gt
Christelle Vaval, NomCom Councillor
Eduardo Santoyo, .co
Maarten Simon, .nl
David McAuley, .cc

Support Staff

Bart Boswinkel
Kim Carlson
Joke Braeken

Finalized Documents