Call for volunteers: drafting team Terms of Reference, review ccNSO Meeting Strategy

05 September 2017

The ccNSO seeks three (3) volunteers for a drafting team, that will prepare the Terms of Reference for the review of the ccNSO Meeting Strategy. This call for volunteers was discussed during the last council meeting, on 24 August 2017, and refers back to a council decision from January 2016, which is copied below for your convenience.

If you are interested, kindly send an e-mail to

Closing date of this call for volunteers is Friday 15 September 2017, 23:59 UTC.

The ccNSO Council will appoint the drafting team at its next meeting, which will be shortly after closure of this call for volunteers.

To prepare for the review, a drafting team will propose the terms of reference for such a review. These terms will then be presented to the community and the ccNSO Council at the Abu Dhabi meeting (ICANN60). The session at ICANN60 is tentatively scheduled for day 1 of the ccNSO Members Meeting, on Tuesday, 31 October (18:00 • 18:30).


Council Decision January 2016
21 January 2016
Approval of Program Work Group Recommendation

THE COUNCIL RESOLVED TO welcome the advice of the Program WG. Based on the advice the ccNSO Council decides to continue with three (3) meetings a year, at least until the end of the year 2017. The ccNSO Council will revisit the topic by August 2017 to organize the community assessment of the new format as advised. The Council itself will revisit the topic at the end of 2017. The secretariat is requested to include the community assessment and Council revisiting the topic in the annual work plan.

ccNSO Council resolution January 2016 & related background material: