Call for Volunteers: ccNSO appointed Liaison to the GNSO

23 January 2017

Per ccNSO council decision (Resolution 125-02), the ccNSO  launches a call for volunteers to fill the vacancy of ccNSO appointed Liaison to the GNSO.

Candidates are asked to submit their applications to the ccNSO Secretariat by 7 February 2017, 23:59 UTC.


Patrick Myles stepped down as ccNSO Liaison to the GNSO. In order to help ensure that the ccNSO can liaise effectively with the GNSO, the ccNSO is looking for a member of the ccTLD community to be appointed as GNSO liaison.

The roles and responsibilities of the ccNSO Liaison to the GNSO are:

  • To participate diligently and actively in the meetings and activities of the GNSO on an ongoing and long-term basis
  • To communicate and advocate the positions of the ccNSO to the GNSO;
  • To report to the ccNSO on current and upcoming activities of the GNSO that may be of relevance to the ccNSO and broader ccTLD community.
  • If feasible and considered relevant ask to the ccNSO for advance guidance, if any, on matters that are going to be discussed by the GNSO.
  • Participate in GNSO-ccNSO Council meetings agenda committee to prepare the f-2-f meetings, if any.

How to Apply?

Interested individuals are invited to provide the following:

  • A resume, curriculum vitae, or biography
  • A letter of motivation detailing your interest in serving as ccNSO Liaison to the GNSO and what you will bring to this position.
  • Letter from your employer supporting you with respect to the required time commitments, confirming that you will attend GNSO meetings regularly and inform the ccNSO Council and broader ccTLD community.
  • If not directly related to a ccTLD Manager, demonstrate active backing by a ccTLD manager
  • Statement of interest that identifies potential conflict of interest in your service as Liaison

Please email your application to the ccNSO secreatiariat or by 7 February 2017, 23:59 UTC.