IDNC Working Group (Former)

The idea of an Internationalized Domain Names Working Group was put forward by the ccNSO council and approved by ICANN's board at the Los Angeles meeting.

The Working Group will be comprised of members of the GNSO, ccNSO, GAC, ALAC, and SSAC. Additionally, a representative of the technical community and ICANN staff will be part of the Working Group.

The purpose of this Working Group (referred to by the Board as the "IDNC Working Group") is to develop and report on feasible methods, if any, that would enable the introduction, in a timely manner and in a manner that ensures the continued security and stability of the Internet, of a limited number of non-contentious IDN ccTLDs while the overall policy is being developed.

The IDNC Working Group Charter

Final Report IDNC WG on Fast Track Process for IDN ccTLDs, 26 June 2008

Email Archive


  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Chair of ALAC
  • Hong Xue


  • Chris Disspain, chair of the ccNSO Council
  • Mohamed El Bashir, .sd
  • Hiro Hotta, .jp
  • Zhang Jian, .cn
  • Young Eum Lee, .kr (co-chair)
  • Ming-Cheng Liang, .tw
  • Ibaa Oueichek, .sy
  • Andrey Romanow, .ru
  • Bill Semich, .nu
  • Jonathan Shea, .hk


  • Bertrand de La Chapelle, France
  • Manal Ismail, Egypt (co-chair)
  • Janis Karklins, Chair of the GAC


  • Edmon Chung, .asia
  • Charles Shaban, Intellectual Property Constituency

GNSO Observers

  • Olga Cavalli, NomCom Appointee
  • Avri Doria, Chair of GNSO Council
  • Cary Karp, .museum


  • Steve Crocker

Technical Community

  • Patrik Faltstrom


  • Doug Brent
  • Denise Michel
  • Kurt Pritz

ICANN Staff Support

  • Donna Austin
  • Bart Boswinkel
  • Michelle Cotton
  • Tina Dam
  • Baher Esmat
  • Olof Nordling
  • Gabriella Schittek
  • Theresa Swinehart