Time Table for the Possible Introduction of IDN ccTLDs

Event Entity Date Comment
Submission Final Report to ICANN Board Chairs IDNC WG 26 June 2008  
GAC and ccNSO Support Final Report Chair of GAC and ccNSO 25 June 2008  
Publication Final Report IDNC WG IDNC WG 13 June 2008 Final Report contains Recommendations of IDNC WG
Publication of Issues Report ccPDP Issues Manager 4 June 2008 Issues Report contains recommendation whether or not to initiate a ccPDP. Will be submoitted to the ccNSO Council
Publication of Interim Report IDNC WG 16 May  
Publish draft Interim Report & Public Consultation IDNC WG 28 March – 25 April  
Publish draft Issues Report ccPDP & Comments period Issue Manager 8 March – 16 May  
Publish Initial Report IDNC WG 8 March Final Initial Report of IDNC WG to solidify scope of mechanisms for fast track
Request input for Issues Report Issue Manager 22 February 2008 Issue Manager has extended duration of period to provide input
Publish draft Initial Report & Public Consultation IDNC WG 1 February – 26 February  
Formation IDNC WG Chair ccNSO 14 December 2007 Invitations chair ccNSO to chairs GAC, ALAC, GNSO and SSAC to appoint members.
Board Resolution to adopt fast track in accordance with charter as submitted by ccNSOappoint IDNC WG ICANN Board 2 November 2007  
Support GAC charter IDNC WG GAC 1 November 2007  
Agreed date (Draft) Issues Report (ccPDP) available. ccNSO Council 31 October 2007 Draft issue report should be available before New Delhi meeting. Issues Report before Paris meeting.
Adoption charter IDNC WG (fast track) to propose methodology for introduction IDN ccTLD in short term introduction ccNSO Council 31 October 2007 Adoption of IDNC WG charter and chair to submit it to the ICANN Board. Was adopted by Board
Publication draft fast track process and background paper Chair ccNSO 14 October 2007  
Informing Board, ALAC, GAC and GNSO of proposal for fast track approach Chair ccNSO 17 October 2007  
Letter to ascertain need IDN ccTLD Chair of ccNSO Council 5 October 2007 ccNSO chair sends letter to ccTLD managers.

GAC chair informed GAC representatives of letter.

Preparing fast track approach. Ascertain need in territories. Design and propose process for fast track ccNSO Council 2 October 2007 ccNSO Council requests chair of Council to send letter to ccTLD managers to ascertain near term demand.
Request Issues Report ccNSO Council 2 October 2007 First step in launch of ccPDP. Focus on institutional changes and overall policy. Decision was prepared in preceding Council meetings
Board resolution to answer questions Issues Paper ICANN Board 29 June Core part of the ccPDP
Board resolution to explore interim and fast track approach introduction IDN ccTLD ICANN Board 29 June Starting point for initiating ccPDP and fast track approach
Proposal Interim approach GAC & ccNSO 28 June 2007 Core communication was GAC communiqué

support Issues paper

ccNSO Council 27 June 2007 Basic document the GAC communiqué.

References in CD public Forum update ccNSO Council resolutions.

Discussion draft Issues Paper Joint GAC & ccNSO WG

ccNSO meeting

GAC closed meeting

25 & 26 June 2007 Joint session with GAC,

IDN Workshop 27 June

Discussion standardisation effort Elisabeth Portneuve


Debbie Garside (BSI)

25 June 2007 Different option to construe a list for definition of IDN ccTLD. Both initiatives assumed link between strings in non-Ascii and territory listed in ISO 3166-1 two alpha ASCII code. Methodology differs
Publication revised second draft Issues Paper Joint GAC/ccNSO WG 19 June 2007 &

26 June 2007

In preparation of San Juan meeting.

Concept IDN ccTLD

Letter ccNSO to the Board Chair ccNSO 16 May 2007 The result of the meeting Lisbon meeting. At the request of the IDN WG in the ccNSO. Fear new TLd process would overtake the work of the ccNSO
Resolution to publish draft Issues paper for public comment ccNSO Council 28 March 2007 In preparation of Lisbon meeting
Joint GAC-ccNSO IDN WG GAC & ccNSO   Was established at request of Board.

Joint GAC ccNSO WG assumed IDN ccTLD, however defined

Board resolution requesting input ICANN Board 8 December 2006 Board resolution to initiate joint GAC-ccNSO WG.

This resolution also introduced the concept of IDN ccTLD and in the deliberations an explicit reference is made to the ISO 3166 list