ccNSO Activity Summary July 2019

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05 August 2019

ICANN66 Montreal:


If you are interested in presenting at Tech Day, please email the Tech Working group at:

**a high-level schedule of ccNSO-related sessions will be circulated within the next few days**

Working/Study Group Meeting Output:

Recordings of various Working Group Meetings can be found here:

24 July – ccNSO SOPC Comment on Draft Operating Initiatives for the development of the 2021-2025 Operating and Finance plan

24 July – IGLC teleconference

23 July - Joint call with the ccNSO SOPC and the GNSO SC on ICANN's Budget and Operations - Wiki

23 July - ccNSO IDN Preliminary Review Team Teleconference - Wiki

18 July - ccPDP on Retirement Working Group Telephone Conference - Wiki

16 July - ccNSO IDN Preliminary Review Team Teleconference - Wiki

15 July – Guidelines Review Committee Telephone Conference - Wiki

10 July – ccNSO Draft Final Report Webinar - Wiki

ccNSO Council:

Call for expression of interest for Root Zone Evaluation Review Committee (RZERC)

Call for volunteers: Customer Standing Committee (CSC)

Call for volunteers: ccNSO Appointment to ICANN's NomCom FY2020

ccNSO Council preparation material and output can be found here:

ccNSO Council Decisions and Resolutions:

ccNSO Council Wiki space

Links and Announcements regarding the IANA Stewardship Transfer and ICANN's Accountability Process:

IANA Stewardship Transition Implementation Page

CSC Reports and Findings

Other Announcements:

Registration Now Open for 2019 LAC DNS Forum – 31 July

Updated Lookup Tool for Domain Name Registration Data Now Available – 29 July

DNS and the Internet of Things: Opportunities, Risks, and Challenges – 18 July

ICANN67 Fellowship Application Round Now Open – 18 July

ICANN Announces Participants NextGen@ICANN66 – 12 July

Third Version of Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone (RZ-LGR-3) Released – 10 July

Request for Proposal: Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) Study 1 – 9 July

Proposed Definition of Name Collisions and Scope of Inquiry for the Name Collisions Analysis Project – 2 July

Successful Candidates Announced for ICANN66 Fellowship – 2 July

Open public comments:

GNSO Policy Development Process on IGO-INGO Access to Curative Rights Protection Mechanisms Policy Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration – Closes 20 August

Proposed Definition of Name Collisions and Scope of Inquiry for the Name Collisions Analysis Project – Closes 12 August

Evolving the Governance of the Root Server System – Closes 9 August