Call for volunteers: Customer Standing Committee (CSC)

09 July 2019

The ccNSO Council is seeking volunteers who wish to be a member on the Customer Standing Committee (CSC).

If interested, please send the following documents to: no later than Friday 26 July 2018 (23:59 UTC).

  1. Filled in application form (found here)

  2. Your resume, curriculum vitae, or biography.

  3. If applicable, a letter of support from your employer in respect to the required time commitment to participate actively in the CSC.

The ccNSO Council will then select a candidate following the procedure detailed in the Guideline: ccNSO Actions Respecting the Customer Standing Committee.

The CSC has been established to ensure the satisfactory performance of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) naming function. The CSC monitors PTI’s performance of the IANA naming function by analyzing performance reports on a monthly basis and publishing its findings. It is authorized to undertake remedial action to address poor performance, and if performance issues are not remedied, the CSC is authorized to escalate the performance issues to the ccNSO and GNSO for consideration. Additionally, the CSC may recommend changes to the naming Service Level Expectations as well as enhancements to the provision of the IANA naming services.

To understand the scope of the requirements and duties of membership of the CSC please review both the CSC Candidates Qualification Requirements and the CSC Charter .