Call for Expression of Interest for Root Zone Evaluation Review Committee (“RZERC”)

14 July 2019

The ccNSO Council seeks one (1) member on the Root Zone Evaluation Review Committee ("RZERC") from the ccTLD community (independent of membership of the ccNSO).

The term of appointment will be three (3) years. If you are interested, you should be aware that NO travel funding will be provided.

Candidates are requested to submit their application to the ccNSO Secretariat ( by Friday 9 August 2019, 23:59 UTC.

After receiving your application, the Secretariat will send the information received to non-conflicted Councillors individually. The selection process is described in the Guideline: ccNSO Actions Respecting the Root Zone Evaluation Review Committee ( It is the intention that by 23 August 2019 the ccTLD representative on the RZERC will be appointed.

Background Information on RZERC

Following the IANA Stewardship Transition, ICANN has established a Root Zone Evaluation Review Committee (RZERC). This Committee is tasked to review and provide input regarding proposed architectural and operational changes to the root zone and as determined necessary by the RZERC, propose architectural and operational changes to the root zone for consideration by the ICANN Board.

The RZERC will consider issues raised to the RZERC to identify any potential security, stability or resiliency risks to the architecture and operation of the root zone.

The RZERC will coordinate with the committee's respective organizations and communities, and if appropriate, external experts, to ensure that relevant bodies were involved in decision-making and ensure that relevant expertise was available.

The RZERC will coordinate a public consultation process for operational and architectural changes that impose potential risk to the security, stability, or resiliency of the root system (as identified by one or more committee members and agreed by a simple majority of members). This public consultation process regarding the proposed changes, including the identified risks, will be organized via the ICANN public comment forum.

The RZERC will act as a consultation body for ICANN during the issuance and consideration of an RFP for the Root Zone Maintainer, if needed.

The RZERC will coordinate with the Customer Standing Committee (CSC) as needed.

More background information on RZERC can be found at:


If you are interested, please send the following to:

  1. A filled in Expression of Interest form (email secretariat for the form)
  2. Your resume, curriculum vitae, or biography
  3. Letter from your employer supporting you with respect to the required time commitments to participate actively in the RZERC.
  4. If not employed by a ccTLD Manager, demonstrate active backing by a ccTLD manager
  5. Statement of interest that identifies potential conflict of interest in your service on the committee

During the period in which the call for Expression of Interest is open, potential candidates can email questions to the ccNSO Secretariat to seek clarification with respect to the expression of interest process or desired qualifications for service on the RZERC. All questions and answers will be posted on a dedicated wiki page: . Potential applicants are encouraged to submit any such questions as early as possible.