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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

SOP Working Group - Kevin Wilson, ICANN CFO

SOP Working Group - Byron Holland, .ca

IANA Update - Kim Davies, IANA

.eu marketing campaigns - Giovanni Seppia (part 1), .eu

.eu marketing campaigns - Giovanni Seppia (part 2), .eu

Benchmark and positioning analysis of .jp domain names - Hiro Hotta, .jp

fi marketing campaigns - Juhani Juselius, .fi

Wildcards Study Group Report - Young-Eum Lee, .kr / Ondrej Filip, .cz

Wildcards - Bill Semich, .nu

Wildcards - Joel Disini, .ph

Update by .za - Mike Silber / Vika Mpisane, .za

IETF Data Escrow effort - Francisco Arias, ICANN

Incident Response Plan Working Group Update - Jörg Schweiger, .de

Delegation and Redelegation Working Group - Keith Davidson, .nz

Wednesday, 10 March 2010.

IDN PDP WG 1, Presentation of Interim Paper - Chris Disspain, .au

Experiences learned from Fast-Track - Young-Eum Lee, .kr

Experienced learned from Fast-Track - Marina Nikerova, .ru

Experienced learned from Fast-Track - Manal Ismail, .eg

ccNSO Review - Tom Mackenzie, ITEMS International

ccTLD News Session, Self-regulation/regulation developments in .uk - Lesley Cowley, .uk

ccTLD News Session, A new Name Server Infrastructure for .de - Jörg Schweiger, .de

ccTLD News Session, .nl Introduction of EPP, status of DNSSEC - Sieger Springer, .nl

NomCom Update - Wolfgang Kleinwächter, NomCom

Regional Organization Updates, AFTLD - Eric Akumiah

Regional Organization Updates, APTLD - Keith Davidson

Regional Organization Updates, CENTR - Peter Van Roste

Regional Organization Updates, LACTLD - Erick Iriarte Ahon

DNSSEC Education of Registrars, Do registrars care about DNSSEC? - Anne-Marie Eklund-Löwinder, .se

Education of Registrars in .cz - Pavel Tuma, .cz

Introducing DNSSEC under .pt - Pedro Veiga, .pt