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ccNSO Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya

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Presentation Summaries

IANA Update - Kim Davies, IANA


Update from IANA on areas of work in recent months, including delegation IDN country-code top-level domains, documenting practices, deploying automation systems, ccTLD contact survey and signing the root zone.

.eu marketing campaigns - Giovanni Seppia, .eu


The presentation will focus on past and present activities, on registrar account management initiatives, on the co-funded marketing programme which has just been extended till the end of 2010. Examples and pictures of generic and local marketing actions will be shown together with success stories and where we could have done better.

Benchmark and positioning analysis of .jp domain names - Hiro Hotta, .jp


The research result of benchmark analysis and positioning analysis of domain names in Japan is presented. The research tried to clarify the difference between markets in Japan and in other countries, as well as the difference between the positions of JP and other TLDs in Japanese market.

.fi marketing campaigns - Juhani Juselius, .fi


.FI has had a few marketing campaigns since 2005. These campaigns are not based on any scientific method but on a more practical one. Every single campaign can be taken as a lesson with lessons learned - both in good and bad. Some major campaigns will be presented in the presentation.

IETF Data Escrow effort - Francisco Arias, ICANN


The presentation will explain what the Data Escrow effort in the IETF is, and what it isn't. It will explain why ICANN is involved and the status of the work.

Incident Response Plan Working Group Update - Jörg Schweiger, .de


The WG will present its current work plan. Part of this is the definition of what is considered to be an incident under the terms of the WG. In addition the WG will raise the question/discuss the delineation of its focus with existing organisations and initiatives tasked with similar issues. Furthermore we would like to get a word from the ccNSO meeting audience about the envisioned sophistication of the contact repository and opinions on how to maintain and run the repository.

Experiences learned implementing Fast Track IDNs under .ru - Marina Nikerova, .ru


The presentation will focus on the .RU's performance indicators over the past 15 years. As well, as Russia is getting ready for the launch of .RF, it weighs up challenges and opportunities arising due to the Launch of the Cyrillic TLD and draws some preliminary conclusions and outlooks basing on interim outcomes of the current priority reservation stage.

Experiences learned implementing Fast Track IDNs under .eg ­ Manal Ismail, .eg


The presentation will highlight Egypt's experience with the Fast Track process, challenges faced in preparation for the launch, foreseen opportunities and so far learnt lessons.

Self-regulation/regulation developments in .uk - Lesley Cowley, .uk


A summary of the latest developments on governance at Nominet and the proposed Digital Economy Bill.

A new Name Server Infrastructure for .de - Jörg Schweiger, .de


DENIC has developed a new architecture for its DNS infrastructure. Rolled set-ups and locations are not only focused on service availability, data integrity and performance, but on scalability, cost and maintainability as well. The architecture might not just suit DENIC but other registries alike.

EPP & DNSSEC under .nl - Sieger Springer, .nl


On March 17th SIDN will launch EPP. We will highlight our approach to the project and the status so far. Furthermore SIDN is going to introduce DNSSEC after the root has been signed. We will give feedback on DNSSEC implementation & adoption, policy choices and DNSSEC issues.

NomCom Update - Wolfgang Kleinwächter, NomCom Chair


This presentation will provide information about the 2010 Nominating Committee, the current openings for ICANN leadership positions the Nominating Committee is charged to fill, the nomination process and how to apply.

Do registrars care about DNSSEC? - Anne-Marie Eklund-Löwinder, .se


.SE wants to support the adoption of DNSSEC among our Registrars. We have performed a market survey in order to get more information about the Registrars interests, realities and challenges. We've also taken part in other surveys like ENISA's survey about costs for deploying DNSSEC. .SE have set up a plan for the next three years, with different activities from marketing campaigns to technical training.

DNSSEC Education of Registrars under .cz - Pavel Tuma, .cz


The presentation will cover the activities, experiences and lessons learned in main areas of cooperation with registrars (technical, administrative and marketing) on succesfull DNSSEC deployment and operation in .CZ.

DNSSEC deployment under .pt - Pedro Veiga, .pt


Update of the activities of the .PT registry with special emphasis on the deployment of DNSSEC. We will also give a brief overview of the registration policies, relations with registrars and implementation of IDNs and EPP.