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Policy Development Process (PDP) Retirement Working Group

Documents, meeting recordings, and additional information of the Committee can be found on its Wiki Page

Final Report

MEMBERS REPORT: Proposed Policy for the Retirement of ccTLDs – 24 June 2021

FINAL REPORT: Proposed Policy for the Retirement of ccTLDs – 08 June 2021

Proposed Policy for the Retirement of a ccTLD – Final Paper


Charter Working Group Retirement of ccTLDs

The goal of the working group (WG) is to report on and recommend a policy for the retirement of the delegated Top Level Domains associated with the country codes assigned to countries and territories listed in the ISO 3166-1 within the framework of the ccNSO Policy Development Process.

The WG is open to members who are representatives of ccTLDs, participants from other stakeholder groups, observers and experts.

Documents and Background Material:

24 June 2021MEMBERS REPORT: Proposed Policy for the Retirement of ccTLDs
08 June 2021FINAL REPORT: Proposed Policy for the Retirement of ccTLDs
31 Jul 2020Public comment report
31 May 2020Proposed Policy for the Retirement of ccTLDs – Interim Paper
29 Apr 2020Interim Paper
01 Apr 2019Decision Repository ccPDP WG Retirement
11 Feb 2019ccpdp-ret.policy.2019-01-28.v1.6
29 Jan 2019ccpdp-ret.policy.2019-01-28.v1.6 (staff produced initial draft)
14 Jun 2018Overview retirement process.2018-06.14 v3.2
15 May 2018stakeholderanalysis.2018-05-14 v 2.1
13 Mar 2018scenario.removal.13 March 2018 v1.25
01 Jan 2018Overall working method v04 - Jan2018 closed - closed
01 Dec 2017Scenario change of code element December 2017 version 05 closed - closed
31 Oct 20176 ISO 3166 - Akkerhuis
15 Sep 2017retirementissues.davies
17 Aug 2017roe.draft.2017-08-17 closed - closed
29 Jun 2017Background on implementation of ccTLD eligibility lifecycle – Davies
10 Apr 2017

Call for volunteers ccNSO Policy Development Process Working Group Retirement of ccTLDs(2)

10 Apr 2017Charter Working Group Retirement ccTLDs
10 Apr 2017Issues report ccPDP 3 - April 10 2017.docx

Background Material

Relevant Links:

Revised PDP Issue Report (includes Council resolution and revised timeline):

15 March 2017 Council Resolution to initiate the ccPDP:

DRDWG Final report retirement of ccTLDs March 2011:


RFC 1591:

ISO 3166 Online Browsing Platform:

ISO 3166 Country codes