ccNSO Meeting in Singapore52 - Presentations

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Meeting Highlights Singapore - Katrina Sataki, .lv

Getting Engaged in the ccNSO - Katrina Sataki, .lv

Expanding the Registry Communication Channels: The Social Media Revolution, Giovanni Seppia, .eu

Lemons or Oranges - How to Become a Successful Body Under Public Scrutiny - Dina Beer, .il

CZ.NIC Education to the Public - Ondrej Filip, .cz

SECIR Working Group Update - Cristian Hesselman, .nl

Update ccNSO Decision Making Process on CWG Proposal and CCWG Recommendations - Byron Holland, .ca

Update Progress CWG Stewardship - Lise Fuhr, .dk

Panel Discussion: Various Models to Replace Stewardship Role of NTIA - Jordan Carter, .nz

Panel Discussion: Various Models to Replace Stewardship Role of NTIA - Maarten Simon, .nl

Discussion: Need and Scope of Independent Appeal Panel mmIn - Staffan Jonson, .se

IANA Update - Kim Davies, IANA

Update on ICANN's Draft Five-Year Operating Plan and the FY16 Operating Plan & Budget - Carole Cornell, ICANN; Xavier Calvez, ICANN

Name Collision Mitigation, Francisco Arias, ICANN

IDN Programme Update - Sarmad Hussain, ICANN

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Does the Current Court Case in the US Put ccTLDs at Risk? - Becky Burr , .us

How to Deal with Transborder Requests for Domain Seizures? - Bertrand de La Chapelle, Director, Internet & Jurisdiction Project

Developements in Arabic-script IDN, .ir Progress Report - Alireza Saleh, .ir

Who is Responsive for Correct Data - The Registrant or the Registry? - Lise Fuhr, .dk

CNNIC's Experience on Inter-ccTLD Cooperation - Liyun HAN, .cn

VerifiedWeb by LK Domain Registry - Gihan Dias, .lk

The Internet of Things - Simon McCalla, .uk

LACTLD Update - Carolina Aguerre, LACTLD

CENTR Update - Peter Van Roste, CENTR

Update and Discussion: Enhancing ICANN Accountability Process - Mathieu Weill, .fr