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ccNSO Meeting in Buenos Aires - Summaries

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

TLD OPS Update - Cristian Hesselman, .nl (SECIR Chair)

The goal of this presentation is to update the community on the status of the TLD-OPS mailing list, a basic incident response facility that serves as a Contact Repository for ccTLDs. TLD-OPS enables ccTLD operators to easily and quickly look up each other's contact information (name, email address, and phone number), thus allowing them to better handle security and stability-related incidents that require a coordinated response of ccTLDs at the global level.

ICANN Operations Update - Carole Cornell; Xavier Calvez, ICANN

An operational update on the following topics and/or to answer any specific questions:

  • Public Comment feedback on Draft FY16 Operating Plan & Budget
  • FY15 Financial update
  • Dashboard Progress
  • Business Excellence Update
  • Other matters that you would like to receive information on (please let us know topic in advance)

Public Safety Working Group – What is it and how does it work – Richard Leaning, Europol

The PSWG will advise the GAC on Public Safety issues. It will compose of Official Government representatives who have responsibility for the welfare and protection of its citizens on-line. For example, PSWG members will include agencies who deal with consumer protection, civil and criminal law enforcement and others who also have a responsibility for the welfare and protection of its citizens.

Name Collision Mitigation Update – Francisco Arias, ICANN

The presentation will be about the Name Collision Occurrence Assessment, i.e., the set of measures that are being put in place by new gTLDs to mitigate the risk of name collision. The presentation will explain how name collision could also affect new ccTLDs.

Universal Acceptance & ccTLDs - Dusan Stojicevic, .rs, co-chair of UA IDN Project Group

A quick update on Universal Acceptance and the role that ccTLDs have in serving their community.

IDN Programme Update - Sarmad Hussain, ICANN

The update is on the IDN Program highlighting the current work being undertaken through various projects within the program, including the IDN TLD Program and the IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process.


Wednesday, 24 June 2015

.ar: NIC Argentina (.AR) – 2012 to 2015 - Our Experience from a Communication Perspective - Miguel Ignacio Estrada, .ar
The definition of the Communication Plan for NIC Argentina and it's evolution from 2012 to 2015.

.nz: Introducing second level registrations into .nz - Debbie Monahan, .nz; David Morrison, NZRS
The presentation will cover the policy development allowing .nz registrations at the second level through to their implementation. In addition to what was implemented, a focus will be on how the regulator effecting the change communicated with the public and registrars to inform them of the changes and how the registry marketed the new level of registrations to the registrars and the public to encourage registrations.

.py: Deployment of second level domains for the ccTLD .PY - Bruno Duarte
A brief introduction of Paraguay and the NIC-PY registry and a description of the efforts behind the deployment of second level domain names, the strategies planned to take, and the expected outcomes.

.fi: Dispute Resolution in the .fi Registry – Sanna Sahlman, .fi
A brief introduction to the Finnish domain name dispute resolution. FICORA (.fi registry) can revoke domain names which have been registered against the Domain Name Act. Domain names are, in principle, free to be chosen, but the domain name registrant is responsible for the lawfulness of its registration. FICORA can afterwards intervene in a unlawful registration of a domain name by, for example, revoking the domain name. Claims are typically arisen/demanded by trademark or trade name holders. FICORA's own legal counsels handle approx. 100 dispute cases during each year. The presentation will cover legal principles, procedure, some practical examples and statistics.

LACTLD Anycast cloud - Carolina Aguerre, LACTLD; Frederico Neves, .br
This presentation will serve to introduce the project "LACTLD Anycast cloud" which is a collaborative project between ccTLDs in LACTLD and LACNIC. This is a non-profit initiative, based on a best effort service which aims to enhance collaboration and exchange amongst ccTLDs and to develop extra resilience to the DNS in the region.