ccNSO Outreach & Involvement Standing Committee (OISC)

About the ccNSO OISC

The ccNSO OISC is established as a standing committee and will have a permanent nature, to ensure a continued and ongoing coordinated approach regarding the existing and potential outreach and involvement efforts by and targeted at the ccNSO and ccTLD community as well as ccTLDs awareness of and involvement in the aforementioned efforts.

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For details regarding relevant materials, meeting recordings or how to participate, consult the ccNSO OISC Wiki Space here. Subscribe to the ccNSO monthly newsletter to stay informed about the latest developments.

ccNSO OISC Members

Alejandra Reynoso (.gt, ccNSO Council Chair | LAC region)

Barbara Povse (.si, MPC Chair | EU region)

Biyi Oladipo (.ng, ccNSO Councilor | AF region)

Eberhard W Lisse (.na, Tech Working Group Chair | AF region)

Javier Rua (NomCom appointed ccNSO Councilor)

Katrina Sataki (.lv | Observer | EU region)

Laura Margolis (NomCom appointed ccNSO Councilor)

Rocío de la Fuente (LACTLD, Observer from Regional Organisation | LAC region)

Pablo Rodriguez (.pr, ccNSO Council Vice Chair | NA region) Chair OISC

Staff Support

  • Bart Boswinkel
  • Joke Braeken