Election results: ccNSO Council European Region

01 December 2023

Voting in the elections for the position of one (1) ccNSO Council member for the European region closed on Thursday, 30 November 2023 (23:59 UTC). This is to inform you of the election results and to thank all those who voted.

Election Results

In accordance with the rules, three candidates from the European region were nominated, seconded and have accepted their nomination. An election was therefore held among the ccNSO members from the European region.

At the conclusion of the Election, 32 Emissaries (68 %) cast their votes: Irina Danelia received 5 votes, Peter Koch received 20 votes and Nicklas Pousette received 7 votes.

The quorum was met, and the winner of the election is Peter Koch.

According to the relevant guideline, a majority of all eligible Emissaries in the Geographical Region constitutes a quorum, and the elected candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast by the Emissaries from the geographical region. The winner shall be the candidate who receives the plurality of the votes.

Eligibility to vote

Only members of the ccNSO from a geographical region - through their Emissaries - may vote for candidates for the ccNSO Council from that geographical region. When the ballots were distributed, the ccNSO counted 47 members from the European region, corresponding to 47 Territories, and therefor 47 Emissaries. According to the ccNSO Rules of October 2022, the Emissary is the Representative selected by the ccTLD Manager in accordance with Section 10.4(e) of the ICANN Bylaws for the purpose of voting in the specific cases enumerated in Article 10 & Annex B of the ICANN Bylaws and the Internal Rules and Internal Procedures of the ccNSO. Each eligible Emissary received one (1) unique ballot.

Next Steps

The Election Report - as prepared by the Election Process Manager - will be submitted to the ccNSO Council for review and approval. The appointed Councillors will take office at the conclusion of the ICANN79 Community Forum in March 2024. The Chair of the ccNSO Council will notify the ICANN Secretary of the selection.


Candidate statements