News from the ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC)

11 September 2023

SAVE THE DATE | DASC Survey webinar, part 3

Thursday, 28 September at noon UTC.

The ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC) invites you to participate in its third and final DNS Abuse Survey Webinar. The DASC will present the third part of the results of the 2022 DASC Survey, as a follow-up to the sessions at ICANN76 and ICANN77. Register in advance for this meeting, and read more here:

DISCOVER THE DASC REPOSITORY: a useful tool for and by ccTLDs

DASC started putting together a vetted list of resources, news articles, and other information related to DNS abuse, that could help ccTLDs to navigate this important topic. Consult the Repository:

Learn more in this interview with David McAuley (.cc) and Adam Eisner (.ca): Watch the video or read the interview.

David McAuley, DASC Repository sub group Chair: "We encourage members of the community: If you see something that might be helpful to ccTLDs, please let us know!". Contribute to the Repository here:

HEADS UP: DASC session on Tools and Measurements at ICANN78

Wednesday, 25 October 2023 (starts 11:15 UTC, 13:15 local time in Hamburg) During this 90-minute session, the ccTLD community and others can learn more about different perspectives on tools and measurements of DNS Abuse. Moreover, DASC reminds the ccTLD community about its repository and invites ccTLDs globally to contribute. Finally, DASC is proud to launch a dedicated email list at ICANN78, as a useful resource for ccTLDs. Consult the ICANN78 ccNSO Schedule here, and read more about the ccNSO Session Highlights here:


The DASC was established as a dedicated forum for ccTLD managers to increase understanding and awareness of DNS abuse issues, promote open and constructive dialogue, and ultimately assist ccTLD managers in their efforts to mitigate the effects of DNS abuse. Relevant documents are available on its website and workspace.