Join the ccNSO DNS Abuse Survey Webinar on 28 September

28 August 2023

The ccNSO DNS Abuse Standing Committee (DASC) invites you to participate in its third and final DNS Abuse Survey Webinar on Thursday, 28 September at noon UTC.  The DASC will present the third part of the results of the 2022 DASC Survey, as a follow-up to the sessions at ICANN76 and ICANN77.

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About the DASC Survey

From September to November 2022, the DASC conducted a survey to better understand the ccTLD DNS abuse landscape and explore ways to assist ccTLDs in their efforts to mitigate DNS abuse. The survey was open to ccTLD managers worldwide, regardless of ccNSO membership. The DASC estimates that approximately 100 ccTLDs participated, providing 57 unique responses. Some ccTLD managers provide services to multiple ccTLDs, but responded for only one TLD. Other ccTLD managers informed the DASC that they were unable to respond to the survey for various reasons. In cases where a ccTLD responded multiple times, the most recent submission was treated as the final submission. The results of the survey were anonymized, as approximately half of the respondents did not wish their ccTLD to be identified.

The survey results reflect the diversity of ccTLDs from different regions, with different registration and governance models, including both larger and smaller TLDs. DASC has previously provided insights into what respondents consider to be actionable types of DNS abuse and what types of mitigation methods respondents are using. The survey results revealed that even ccTLDs with limited resources, including funding and staff, can effectively mitigate DNS abuse. Overall, the DASC survey provided insight into the current state of DNS abuse mitigation among ccTLD registries and identified areas for improvement, including collaboration, effective use of DNS reporting tools, resource allocation, and education on effective DNS abuse mitigation.

About the ccNSO DASC

The DASC was established as a dedicated forum for ccTLD managers to discuss the important issue of DNS abuse and to share information, insights and practices. In keeping with the nature of the ccNSO, the purpose of the committee is not to formulate policy or standards, recognizing that policy development in this area is outside the scope of the ccNSO's policy remit. The overall objective is to increase understanding and awareness of DNS abuse issues, promote open and constructive dialogue, and ultimately assist ccTLD managers in their efforts to mitigate the effects of DNS abuse.Relevant documents are available on its website and workspace.


Join the DASC session at ICANN78 on Wednesday, October 25, 2023 | 11:15-12:45 UTC (13:15-14:45 Hamburg local time). During this session, DASC will remind the ccTLD community about its repository and invite ccTLDs worldwide to contribute. In addition, DASC is proud to launch a dedicated email list at ICANN78 as a useful resource for ccTLDs. Finally, this session will inform you about different perspectives on tools and measurements of DNS abuse.