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Council approves separation of policy for the Retirement of ccTLDs, Part 1 of ccPDP3 from Part 2 of ccPDP3 on developing a Review Mechanism

04 June 2021

Today, 4 June 2021, the ccNSO Council has adopted the resolution to split the third ccNSO Policy Development Process, each following its own timeline independently of the other part.

After this resolution becomes effective ( 11 June 2021), the ccPDP on the Retirement of ccTLD will enter its final decision- making phase: First the ccNSO Council will have to adopt the proposed retirement policy, and after adoption, the ccNSO members will have to adopt it. The other part - on a review mechanism for decisions pertaining to the delegation, transfer, revocation and retirement of ccTLDs – is still at its development phase and the Review Mechanism Working Group continues its work.

The Council resolution is published here and the background material is available at: and