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Council Decisions and Resolutions

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Date Topic Resolutions and Decisions
25 March 2021 Election procedure


ccNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED: Up and to the extent necessary and for avoidance of doubt, the ccNSO Council ratifies the 2021 Chair and Vice-Chair nomination and election procedures and requests secretariat to publish the resolution together with the details of the procedures.

25 March 2021 Chair appointment


THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO select and appoint Alejandra Reynoso Barral (.gt, LAC region) as Chair of the ccNSO for a one (1) year term starting at the end of ICANN70 and ending at the end of ICANN73

25 March 2021 Vice-Chair appointments


THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO select and appoint Jordan Carter (.nz, AP region) and Pablo Rodriguez (.pr, NA region) as Vice-Chairs of the ccNSO for a one (1) year term starting at the end of ICANN70 and ending at the end of ICANN73

25 March 2021 Guideline adoption


THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO adopt the Guideline: ccNSO Appointments to Specific Groups. The Council requests the secretariat to publish the Guideline and archive the Guidelines listed in the background section. The adopted Guideline becomes effective seven (7) days after publication.

25 March 2021 Procedure adoption


THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED to adopt the procedures for nomination and selecting a Chair and/or Vice-Chair of a ccNSO Working Group and ccNSO Collaboration Group. The Council requests the secretariat to publish the Procedures as update to the relevant Guidelines, and update the ccNSO Review Implementation Dashboard. The procedures become effective seven (7) days after publication of this decision.

25 March 2021 Appointment liaison


At the nomination of the Chair and Vice-chair of the IDN ccPDP4 IDN WG, the ccNSO Council appoints Alireza Saleh (.ir) as liaison to the GNSO Policy efforts. The ccNSO Council requests the secretariat to inform the GNSO, the ccPDP4 IDN WG and Alireza accordingly and publish this decision as soon as feasible.

25 March 2021 Procedure ratification


The ccNSO Council ratifies the following procedure to assign roles and responsibilities of Councillors in case of competing sign-ups:

  • All Councillors are requested to sign-up for a role they intend to take on by Friday 9 April 2021.
  • If two or more Councillors put their name forward for one and the same role to be filled, the following procedure will be followed:
    • The Councillors are expected to try to resolve the matter among themselves before the upcoming April Council call.
    • If two or more Councilors still put their name forward for one and the same position/role, then all Councillors will select their preferred candidate, by a confidential email vote.
    • Each and every Councillor, including the candidates, will be asked by Joke Braeken, the appointed staff person, to send an email to, and include the name of the preferred candidate for the specific position.
    • Once the email is received the appointed staff person shall send a reply including a ballot number, and acknowledgement of receipt.
    • The most preferred candidate will be appointed. In the event two or more candidates receive the most, but equal number of votes, there will be a run-off expression of preference round with respect to these candidates. The appointed staff person will provide an overview of the votes cast and the order of preference.
25 March 2021 GRC Subgroup


The ccNSO Council requests the Guideline Review Committee (GRC) to create a sub-working group that will focus specifically on detailing the structure, relation and topics of the future members Rules and Operational Procedures. The sub-group is requested to present a first draft of the updated new Members Rules to the ccNSO membership by ICANN71. The GRC is further requested to appoint a liaison to the ccNSO Council to inform the Council on progress.

The ccNSO Council requests the secretariat together with the chair of the GRC to launch a call for participation of the sub-group as soon as feasible. To ensure timely participation and start of this effort, the volunteers may participate in the proceedings of the sub-group of the GRC on equal footing as the members, without going through the formal Council appointment procedure. As soon as the sub-group is closed, participation in the sub-group ends

25 March 2021 Triage committee


Taking into account the increased value of planning and a coherent method for setting priorities, the ccNSO Council requests the current Triage Committee and secretariat, to propose to the ccNSO Council by its May 2021 meeting a roadmap to integrate the work of the Triage Committee and management of the annual and monthly workplan.

18 February 2021 Letter to Board Organizational Effectiveness Committee


THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED TO agree with the letter to the Board Organizational Effectiveness Committee, in response to their letter from 9 December 2020, to provide the OEC additional details and clarification per their request and inform them on the status of implementation of the recommendation of the second organizational review of the ccNSO. The Council requests its chair to send the letter as soon as feasible to the Chair of the OEC.

18 February 2021 Approval IANA Naming Function Review proposed changes


Per request of the IFRT, dated 8 February, THE CCNSO COUNCIL RESOLVED to approve the proposed change of the IANA Naming Function Contract section Article VII, Section 7.1 (a): Audits, by striking the sentence The relevant policies under which the changes are made shall be noted within each monthly report (emphasis added) from the text of forementioned Article. The Chair of the ccNSO is requested to inform the Chairs of the IFRT and relevant ICANN staff accordingly, seven (7) days after this resolution is published. The secretariat is requested to publish this resolution as soon as possible and inform the community accordingly.

18 February 2021 Call for EoI


The Secretariat is requested to launch a call for Expression of Interest for each to each of these groups listed in the ToR. The call should close on Friday 12 March 2021. The secretariat is requested to organize a webinar to introduce the OISC to the broader community and to solicit interest to actively participate.

18 February 2021 Adoption proposed response


The ccNSO Council supports and adopts the Response as proposed by the Drafting Team and asks the secretariat to publish this decision and the response as adopted as soon as possible. The Chair of the Council is requested to inform relevant ICANN staff (seven (7) days after publication of publication of this decision and sent the response as adopted accordingly o ICANN staff.

With respect to difference between the entities who manage multiple ASCII ccTLD and entities who run multiple IDNccTLDs relating to the same country or territory (point b above) the ccNSO Council requests the secretariat to update the Bylaw change repository accordingly as item that needs to be discussed as suggested.

With respect to point a. and b. above, the Chair is requested to inform the GRC of the need to update various Guidelines and the internal procedures to align the Guidelines and internal procedures with the proposed changes to Article 10 and Annex B of the ICANN Bylaws by the time they become effective.

21 January 2021 Appointment: Community Representative Group


The ccNSO Council appoints David McAuley (Verisign, .cc) to serve on the Community Representative Group. The Chair is requested to inform David and relevant staff of ICANN Org accordingly. The Chair is also requested to inform the other Chairs of the Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees and relevant ICANN Org staff that the ccNSO will only fill one seat.