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Call for Volunteers: The ccNSO seeks volunteers for a GRC sub-working Group, working on the amendment of the 2004 internal ccNSO Rules

01 April 2021

At its meeting held on 25 March, the ccNSO Council requested the ccNSO Guideline Review Committee (GRC) to create a sub-working group that will focus specifically on detailing the structure, relation and topics of the future ccNSO member Rules and Operational Procedures. The ccNSO Secretariat now launches this call for volunteers.

Who can join?

Representatives from ccTLD Managers who are ccNSO members.  Membership in the ccNSO is open to entities and organisations responsible for managing an ISO 3166 country-code top-level domain.

To ensure timely participation and start of this effort, the volunteers may participate in the proceedings of the sub-group of the GRC on equal footing as the GRC members, from the moment onwards the ccNSO Secretariat receives your expression of interest. Participation in the sub-group ends, once the sub-group closes.

Working method

The committee meets regularly through telephone conferences. The working language of the committee is English.

How to apply?

Send your Expressions of Interest (EoI) to join the GRC sub-group to

The deadline for volunteering is Friday, 16 April 2021 (23:59 UTC).

By submitting your personal data, you acknowledge that your personal data will be processed in accordance with the ICANN Privacy Policy ( you agree to abide by the electronic Terms of Service (

Next steps

The sub-group is expected to present a first draft of the updated new Members Rules to the ccNSO membership by ICANN71.