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Rules of the ccNSO

1 Membership

1.1 The members of the ccNSO are as defined by Section 4 of Article IX of the ICANN bylaws.

2 Meetings

2.1 An annual general meeting of the ccNSO will be held as required by Section 4(6) of Article IX of the ICANN bylaws.

2.2 Other general meetings will be held as required, normally to coincide with other ICANN meetings, but not exclusively.

2.3 The date, time and agenda of such meetings can be determined by resolution of the ccNSO Council or by vote of the ccNSO members.

2.4 Notice of such meetings shall be provided to all members either by postal mail 28 days prior to the meeting or by e-mail 14 days prior.

3 Quorum

3.1 A quorum requirement only applies to physical (face to face or tele/videoconference meetings of the ccNSO).

3.2 The quorum shall be 50% of the total membership of the ccNSO, and further at least two members per ICANN Region.

3.3 If any meeting does not meet the quorum requirements, any resolutions shall not be valid unless ratified by an electronic vote of the ccNSO membership.

4 Resolutions

4.1 Resolutions under the policy development process are defined in Section 11 of Annex B of the ICANN bylaws, being an electronic vote where more than 66% of the members vote in favour.

4.2 Resolutions at general meetings shall pass if properly moved and seconded, and greater than 50% of those voting vote in favour.

4.3 Resolutions to change these rules, or to instruct the ccNSO Council shall only pass if greater than 66% of those voting vote in favour.

5 Electronic Votes

5.1 An electronic vote of the members can be initiated by any of the following:

5.1.1 The ccNSO Council

5.1.2 The Chair of the ccNSO Council

5.1.3 10% of the members

5.2 A vote shall commence five days after the notification of the proposed resolutions, and the vote shall stay open for a period of 14 days.

5.3 In the event that at least 50% of the ccNSO members vote, the vote shall be valid. In the event that fewer than 50% of the ccNSO members vote, the vote shall be invalid and a second vote will automatically commence 14 days after the invalid nature of the first vote is notified to the members. The results of the second vote will be valid irrespective of whether 50% of the ccNSO members vote.

6 Ratification or Veto of Council Decisions

6.1 The Council is required to publish to the appropriate ccNSO lists, all of its decisions and resolutions within five days of making them.

6.2 The Council decisions will not become operational until seven days have lapsed since publication

6.3 If during that seven day period, 10% or more of the members notify the Council Chair of their objection to the decision, it shall automatically trigger a membership vote to ratify or veto the decision.

7 Committees

7.1 Both the ccNSO Council and the ccNSO members can establish committees to deal with particular issues such as finance, staffing, or meeting agendas.

7.2 Members of the ccNSO Council will usually chair any standing or permanent committees established.

8 Changes to the Rules

8.1 These rules will become valid if approved with a vote of greater than 66% at a general meeting, or by electronic vote.

8.2 Any proposed changes to the rules must be circulated to all members at least twenty-one days before any vote on the proposed changes.

8.3 A change will become valid only if approved with a vote of greater than 66% at a general meeting, or by electronic vote.