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Member Profile: .fo

Full name of Registry: .fo Umsitingin

Contact details:

FO Ráðið
Tinghúsvegur 57
100 Tórshavn
Faroe Islands

Telefon (+298) 898900
Contact person: Guðrun Poulsen e-mail

Founding date: The ccTLD .fo was approved by IANA in 1997. Initially it was delegated to UNIT2 in Denmark, but after 7 years the faroese government requested a change to self-regulate the ccTLD .fo. The final approvement went through in authum 2004; and is still operated by a private foundation under the faroese government.

Registration Model: Registry/Registrar system and direct registration through the flagship store.

Number of domain names: 4500 .fo domains registrated (oct. 2018)

History : After 2004 when the Faroese government got the possibility to regulate the ccTLD .fo it has been delegated to private organizations. Today the operator is Sp/f Trygdartøkni.