ccNSO Nominations and Acceptances (June 2004)

Nominations received:

20040428 Lee, Young-Eum Asia/Australia/Pacific    (Second)   

20040510 Hirofumi Hotta Asia/Australia/Pacific    (Second)    (Second)   

20040510 Christopher Disspain Asia/Australia/Pacific   (Second)    (Acceptance)   (CV in Text Format) (Election Statement)

20040510 Fernando Espana North America    (Second)   

20040511 Bernard Turcotte North America    (Second)    (acceptance/statement)

20040511 Paulos B. Nyirenda Africa    (second) (second)

20040511 Eduardo Santoyo LAC    (second)

20040511 Patricio Poblete LAC    (Second)   

20040511 Oscar Alejandro Robles-Garay LAC    (Second)    (acceptance/statement)

20040517 Victor Ciza Africa (second) (second)

20040517 Yann Kwok Africa (second) (second)

20040518 Dotty Sparks de Blanc North America (second)

20040518 Petr Kral Europe (second)

20040518 Olivier Guillard Europe (second) (Acceptance)

20040518 Bart Boswinkel Europe (second)

Nominees who have accepted their nomination for the ccNSO Council:

20040513 Christopher Disspain Asia/Australia/Pacific

20040517 Bernard Turcotte North America

20040518 Oscar A. Robles-Garay LAC

20040518 Victor Ciza Africa

20040518 Young-Eum Lee Asia/Australia/Pacific

20040519 Dotty Sparks de Blanc North America

20040519 Hirofumi Hotta Asia/Australia/Pacific

20040519 Petr Kral Europe

20040524 Patricio Poblete LAC

20040525 Fernando Espana North America

20040531 Eduardo Santoyo LAC

20040602 Paulos B. Nyirenda Africa

20040603 Bart Boswinkel Europe

20040603 Yann Kwok Africa

20040609 Olivier Guillard Europe

Nomination and acceptance archives

The period for nominations and seconds expired on 19 May. The period for acceptances continues until June 9.

Please see the online forms for candidates to accept nominations.