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ccNSO Nomination Acceptance Templates (June 2004)




Acceptance of Nominations should be sent by e-mail to the Election Manager at the following e-mail address:

Archives to be found at:

All ACCEPTANCES and STATEMENTS must be in by Sunday JUNE 13, 2004, 1600 UTC

Please use this template for ACCEPTING nomination:

Template for ACCEPTING nomination

1. Region for which nomination is being accepted

2a. Full name of nominee

2b. E-mail address of nominee

2c. Snail mail address of nominee

3. The ccTLD and the region in which the nominee resides

4. The statement: "I accept nomination for election to the ccNSO Council"

Voluntary Information:

5. A Curriculum Vitae about the Nominee (500 words) (Voluntary information)

6. A campaign or election statement of ideas, intent, reasons to serve on the ccNSO Council (500 words)(Voluntary information)

You can send the email directly, or, for your convenience, you can use this online form.

Endorsements: (Optional)

Candidates may be endorsed but endorsements are not required for candidates to be eligible to stand for election.

Endorsements can be posted to:

Archives to be found at:

The Election Supervisors and the Election Manager shall confirm the list of the Nominees before the voting period starts.