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Souleymane Oumtanaga

Mr Souleymane oumtanaga has been the General Manager of Côte d'Ivoire Network information Centre (NIC-CI) since 1992.
Beside the NIC-CI, he is professor at the INP-HB (national Polytechnic Institute Felix Houphouët-Boigny), one of the most prestigious tertiary institutions in Côte d'Ivoire.

He has also been the head of:

- CFTIC (Training centre for Information and Communication Technologies) forming in Engineering studies and Post-graduate Diploma in computer networking and Telecommunication- EDIA ( Doctoral School of Computer Sciences) in partnership with UCAD Dakar (Senegal) and the University of Rennes (France)

He also member of the LARIT (Computer and Technologies Research Lab).
He is the initiator of many projects such as:

- The AI3L (Ivorian Association for Linux and the free softwares)
- The Côte d'Ivoire Internet Exchange Point (CIIXP)
- IPV6 deployment in Ivory Coast