Ondrej Filip

Ondrej has been working in the internet industry for more than 10 years. He worked as CTO for one of the top ten Czech nationwide ISPs. He is also active in the IXP community. He is member of the board of directors in NIX.CZ, Czech exchange point, located in Prague and he was board member in IXP association Euro-IX.

At present, he dedicates himself to the domain name industry. He was appointed CEO of the Czech national domain registrar CZ.NIC in December 2004 with his vision to change its structure and policy and improve services to members and domain name users. To present, the restructuring of CZ.NIC enabled significant reduction in the domain price due to increased efficiency and in January 2007 Czech Republic became the proud fifth country in the world with full commercial operation of ENUM after CZ.NIC started a new registration system for ENUM - 0.2.4.e164.arpa in 2006.

Ondrej is member of council of Country Code Name Supporting Organisation, a body that represents the interests of and sets global policy and best practices for country code top level domains within ICANN.

Web sites:

CZ.NIC: http://www.nic.cz/en/

Czech ENUM: http://enum.nic.cz/en/

ccNSO http://www.ccnso.org

ICANN http://www.icann.org