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ccNSO Participation Working Group (Former)

The Working Group's goal is to improve the participation of ccTLD managers in the ccNSO and regional organisations, for the benefit of all ccTLDs and the industry generally.

The Participation Working Group Charter

Participation Working Group Final Report


  • Ben Fuller, .na
  • Atef Loukil, .tn


  • Keith Davidson, .nz
  • Ming-Cheng Liang. .tw
  • Christopher To, .hk
  • Lee Humphries .sb
  • Siavash Shahshahani, .ir


  • Lesley Cowley, .uk (Chair)
  • Juhani Juselius, .fi
  • Giovanni Seppia, .eu
  • Hilde Thunem, .no

Latin America & Caribbean

  • Oscar Robles, .mx
  • Jeremy Whyte, .jm

North America

  • David Archbold, .ky
  • Ron Sherwood, .vi (ALAC liaison)
  • Dotty Sparks de Blanc, .vi

General Managers Regional Organisations

  • Don Hollander, APTLD
  • Michuki Mwange, AFTLD
  • Margarita Valdés Cortés, LACTLD
  • Peter Van Roste, CENTR

ICANN Regional Liaisons

  • Baher Esmat, Middle East Liaison
  • Pablo Hinojosa, Latin American Liaison
  • Anne-Rachel Inne, Africa Liaison
  • Veni Markovski, Liaison for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
  • Save Vocea, Australasia/Pacific Islands Liaison

Support Staff

  • Bart Boswinkel, ICANN/ccNSO Secretariat
  • Gabriella Schittek, ICANN/ccNSO Secretariat

The ccNSO Travel Fund

ICANN's Fellowship Programme