ccNSO Internet Governance Liaison Committee (IGLC)

About the ccNSO IGLC

The IGLC has been established to coordinate, facilitate, and increase the participation of ccTLD managers in discussions and processes pertaining to Internet Governance.

The ccNSO Council and individual ccTLD Managers, collectively or individually, will be invited to support the position or input of the IGLC. The Committee will take a proactive role in seeking and fostering participation and input into the processes and provide regular feedback to the ccNSO Council, ccNSO members and broader ccTLD community.

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For details regarding relevant materials, meeting recordings or how to participate, consult the IGLC workspace here.

ccNSO IGLC Members

Membership of the Committee is open to all ccTLD managers (whether members of the ccNSO or not)

  • Jodi Anderson (.nz)
  • Christine Arida (Egypt IDN)
  • Pierre Bonis (.fr)
  • Jordan Carter (.au)
  • Olga Cavalli (NomCom appointed Council member)
  • Sean Copeland (.vi)
  • Chris Disspain (Council)
  • Maša Drofenik (.si)
  • Fernando Espana (.us)
  • Abdalmonem Galila (Egypt IDN ccTLD)
  • Demi Getschko (.br)
  • Heidy Hernandez (.gt)
  • Russell Harada (.pg)
  • Manal Ismail (Egypt IDN)
  • Boyoung Kim (.kr)
  • Peter Koch (.de)
  • Anil Kumar Jain (.in)
  • Adriana Lazzaroni (.it)
  • Ai-Chin Lu (Council)
  • David McAuley (.cc)
  • Rosalía Morales (.cr)
  • Marta Moreira Dias (.pt) - IGLC Vice Chair
  • Laura Margolis (former NomCom appointed Councillor, supported by .uy)
  • Barbara Povse (.si)
  • Everton Rodriguez (.br)
  • Javier Rua (former NomCom appointed Councillor, supported by .pr)
  • Federica Tortorella (LACTLD, observer)
  • Tatiana Tropina (NomCom appointed Councillor)
  • Norman Warput (.vu)
  • Molehe Wesi (.za)
  • Annaliese Williams (.au) - IGLC Chair
  • Sabrina Wilkinson (.ca)
  • Yuqing Ying (.cn)
  • Tamara Zylbersztejn (.ar)

Staff Support

  • Bart Boswinkel
  • Joke Braeken
  • Claudia Ruiz
  • Nathalie Peregrine
  • Julia Charvolen