IDN Working Group Charter

1. Description and Goal

The IDN Working Group (IDN-WG) was created in September 2006.

The goal of the IDN WG is provide advice to the ccNSO on the global policy issues (if any) associated with the introduction of IDNs:

(a) at the second level of a ccTLD;

(b) as a top level ccTLD; and

(c) in respect to cross-over issues arising from the introduction of IDNs at top level, including new gTLDs.

2. Chair and Members

WG Membership is open to all ccTLDs and ccNSO Council members. As of 27 December, 2006, the Working Group members are:

Chair: Ming-Cheng Liang, Taiwan

Member: Mohammed El Bashir, Sudan

Ian Chiang, Taiwan

Hiro Hotta, Japan

Colin Jackson, New Zealand

Slobodan Markovic, Serbia

Min-Jung Park, Korea

Charles Shaban, Jordan

Jonathan Shea, Hong Kong

William Tan, US

Oscar Moreno, Puerto Rico

3. Scope

(a) Second level of a ccTLD

Provide a prioritized list of any global policy issues and make recommend suggested solutions

(b) Top level ccTLD

Provide from its membership a number of people to join the joint ccNSO/GAC ccTLD IDN Working Group (the joint group).

Provide the joint group with input on the policy, political and technical questions that need to be considered in respect to the implementation of IDNs in ccTLDs.

Provide the ccNSO Council from time to time with reports on the work of the joint group and eventually with a series of recommendations based on the work of the joint group and suggestions on how to implement those recommendations.

(c) Cross-over issues

Closely monitor gNSO policy development process in respect to IDN issues and report to the ccNSO Council in a timely manner on these issues. To provide inputs/comments to PDP if necessary.

With regard to (a), (b), and (c) liaise closely with ICANN staff and ICANN committees undertaking work on IDN issues.

4. Duration

The WG duration will be determined by how long it will take to fulfil the scope - when the WG determines that it has completed its work it will submit a final report to the ccNSO and recommend the closure of the WG. The continuance and Charter of the WG will be reviewed on a regular basis by the ccNSO.

5. WG Meetings & Communication

WG meetings will be organized by Chair and will consist of both in-person meetings (arranged to coincide with ICANN meetings) and periodic tele-conferences. The WG will also use Internet channel and tools such as mailing list, web site or any other mean of communication. is set up for the communication purpose. Details on other communication channel or tools will be given prior to each meeting.

7. Reporting

The WG Chair will report to each ccNSO meeting regarding WG progress.

8. Intended Timeline

Will need to be revised in accordance with other work being undertaken and the work of the joint group.