Time table for the IDN PDP Process

06 May 2010

Updated Timeline IDN country code Policy development Process

  Event Entity Start Date Completion Comment
1 Draft Issue Report   Issue Manager   February 2009 To be presented to the Council in time for the Mexico meeting
2 Formal Launch of the IDN ccPDP   ccNSO Council   April 2009 ccNSO Council vote
3   Formation of Working Group I under ccPDP ccNSO Council   April 2009 As part of the IDN ccPDP, it will be suggested that a cross constituency Working Group will be established to propose a definition of and a policy for introducing IDN ccTLDs.
4   Issues Paper of IDN ccPDP WG I IDN ccPDP WG I June 2009 November 2009 Paper to be published in time for full discussion at the Seoul ICANN meeting
5   Chair's draft Interim Report Chair IDN ccPDP WG I February 2010 April 2010 Paper to be published in time to be discussed at Nairobi ICANN meeting and public comment. Chair of WG issued draft paper. To be followed by Interim Paper
6   First draft Interim Paper WG May 2010 July 2010 Follow-up paper on chairs draft. To be published prior to Brussels ICANN meeting ( June 2010)
7   Formation WG II ccNSO Council March 2010 May 2010 In order to accommodate IDN ccTLD in the ccNSO, the structure of the ccNSO has to be updated. Part of the recommendations of the IDN ccPDP will focus on an update of the ccNSO structure.
8   Final Report WG I IDN ccPDP WG I July 2010 December 2010  
9   Issues Paper WG II IDN ccPDP WG II May 2010 July 2010 Issues paper on topics related to necessary changes of Article IX of the ICANN Bylaws and associated Annexes. Paper to be published in time for discussion at Brussels ICANN meeting and public comment
10   Interim Report IDN WG II IDN ccPDP WG II August 2010 December 2010  
11   Final Report WG II   December 2010 March 2011  
12 Initial Report IDN ccPDP   Issue Manager February 2011 March 2011 Interim Report will incorporate recommendations IDN ccPDP WG I and WG II. To be published in time for full discussion at ICANN meeting and public comment
13 Final Report   Issue Manager June 2011 July 2011 Final Report of containing the recommendations to resolve issues as identified in Issues Paper as adopted by the ccNSO Council (#
14 Adoption Process         Adoption process ccNSO, including ccNSO membership vote.
15   ccNSO Council Adoption of Final Report ccNSO Council June 2011 June 2011  
16   ccNSO members vote ccNSO Members   To be completed by September 2011  
17 Submission

Board report

Board Report ccNSO Council October 2011 November 2011