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ccNSO-GAC Working Group Telephone Conference (09 February 2007)


Keith Davidson

Oscar Robles

Donna Austin

Chris Disspain

Gabi Schittek

Upcoming ccNSO/GAC Meeting Issues

The meeting was devoted to what would be presented to the upcoming meeting with the GAC.

Martin Boyle has been pushing to get the redelegation item on the agenda again. Whilst the ccNSO doesn't consider this being an issue, it was felt that time (around 10 minutes) could be given to Martin to address the topic.

Martin also announced that the GAC would like to discuss the ccTLD Sunset issue (especially regarding .su). It was suggested that the ccNSO should listen and 'consider this in due course'.

However, the meeting will mainly focus on the ICANN Regions. David Archbold will give a presentation on the issue, after that a Question and Answer session will follow.

David will underline that whilst the issue is too massive for the ccNSO to handle (this needs to be done by ICANN itself), it will be happy to provide thoughts and suggestions to ICANN on how it could be done.

The second issue that will be presented in this context is the idea of territorial choice ' David will explain that the ccNSO will try head towards a consensus, but in the end it is up to each individual ccTLD manager to agree on which region they would like to belong to together with their government.

It was ensured that David will be careful to present these issues in 'a nice way' the GAC.

In the ccNSO meeting David will expand his presentation and explain that the concept of issue based 'sub-groupings' within the current regions will be encouraged ' for instance, the Carribean countries could have their own discussion group within their current region. This could create momentum for bigger changes later on.

Another issue to think of is the representation model as there is a disproportion in the right to elect council members - The North American Region, with only 4 members, has the right electing three councilors. Whilst it is not a big issue for ccNSO members at the moment, it can become one if ccNSO membership reaches a larger amount.

Keith Davidson will co-chair the meeting with Martin Boyle.