ccNSO Finance Working Group


The scope of activities of the working group is to do whatever it deems relevant and necessary to achieve its objective whilst taking into account, amongst other things, the current ICANN ccTLD contribution guidelines ICANN's expense area group analysis, and yearly overviews of ccTLD contributions.

ccNSO Finance Working Group Charter

ccNSO Finance Working Group Wiki Workspac

Working Group Members


Mohamed Ibrahim, .so
Vika Mpisane, .za (Vice Chair)
Mary Uduma, .ng


Henry Chan, .hk
Keith Davidson, .nz
Minjung Park, .kr (Observer)


Lesley Cowley, .uk
Lise Fuhr, .dk
Juhani Juselius, .fi
Sieger Springer, .nl
Peter Van Roste, CENTR (Observer)
Mathieu Weill, .fr

Latin America and Caribbean:

José Mondragón, .mx
Eduardo Santoyo, .co
Rolando Toledo, .pe

North America:

Byron Holland, .ca (Chair)


Reference Material



Mp3 recordings of the Working Group meetings can be found at