Working Group EPSRP

The goals of the working group (WG EPSRP) are to:

  • Provide guidance on and refinement of the methodology for second string similarity review process
  • Provide interpretation of split recommendations
  • Inform policy on selection of strings

The work of the WG EPSRP is limited to the review of the Extended Process Review Process as defined in the Implementation Plan and the Guidelines for the Extended Process Similarity Review Panel and as part of the overall proposed policy for the selection of IDN ccTLD strings, including the definition of confusing similarity.

The Wg was created in response to the request of the ICANN Board of Directors of 25 June 2-15 to provide "further guidance on and refinement of the methodology of second string similarity review process, including the interpretation of its split recommendations, to be applied to the relevant current and subsequent cases in the IDN ccTLD Fast Track process as well as to inform the proposed policy for the selection of the IDN ccTLD strings"

ccNSO WG EPSRP Charter

Working Group Members

  • Giovanni Seppia (.eu) – Chair
  • Vaggelis Segredakis (.gr)
  • Hiro Hotta (.jp)
  • Wafa Dahmani Zaafouri (.tn)

Staff Support

  • Bart Boswinkel
  • Kim Carlson



  • Sarmad Hussain

Relevant Background Documents

Work Group Documents