Non-PDP Joint DNS Security and Stability Analysis Working Group


The objective of the DSSA Working Group is to draw upon the collective expertise of the participating SOs and ACs, solicit expert input and advice and report to the respective participating SOs and ACs on:

  1. The actual level, frequency and severity of threats to the DNS;

  2. The current efforts and activities to mitigate these threats to the DNS; and

  3. The gaps (if any) in the current security response to DNS issues."


DSSA Working Group Charter

DSSA Wiki Work Space


Working Group Members

At Large Members

    • Edmon Chung
    • Olivier Crépin-Leblond; (co-chair)
    • Mohamed El Bashir
    • Cheryl Langdon-Orr
    • John R. Levine
    • Andre Thompson
    • Patrick Vande Walle

    ccNSO Members

    • Roy Arends, .uk
    • Sean Copeland, .vi
    • Wim Degezelle, CENTR (Observer)
    • Mark Elkins, .za
    • Ondrej Filip, .cz
    • Rick Koeller, .ca
    • Jaques Latour, .ca
    • Otmar Lendl, .at
    • Takayasu Matsuura, .jp
    • Katrina Sataki, .lv
    • Jörg Schweiger, .de (co-chair)
    • Sean Shen, .cn
    • Chris Wright, .au

    GNSO Members

    • Greg Aaron – (RySG)
    • George Asare-Sakyi – (NCSG)
    • Don Blumenthal – (RySG)
    • Rafik Dammak – (NCSG)
    • Keith Drazek – (RySG)
    • Rossella Mattioli – (NCSG)
    • Scott McCormick – (CBUC)
    • Mikey O'Connor – (ISPCP); (co-chair)
    • Adam Palmer – (CBUC)
    • Forest Rosen – (RrSG)
    • Matt Serlin - (RrSG)
    • Rick Wilhelm – (RrSG)


    NCSG = Non Commercial Stakeholder Group
    RySG = Registries Stakeholder Group
    RrSG = Registrars Stakeholder Group
    ISPCP = Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency
    IPC = Intellectual Property Constituency

    NRO Members

    • Andrew de la Haye (RIPE NCC)
    • Byron Ellacott (APNIC)
    • Nishal Goburdhan (AFRINIC)
    • Mark Kosters (ARIN); (co-chair)
    • Carlos Martinez (LACNIC)
    • George Michaelson (APNIC)
    • Subramanian Moonesamy (AFRINIC)
    • Wolfgang Nagele (RIPE NCC)
    • Arturo Servin (LACNIC)
    • Pete Toscano (ARIN)


    • Patrik Fältström, Cisco (SSAC Chair)
    • Jim Galvin, Afilias (SSAC Vice Chair)
    • KC Claffy, CAIDA
    • David Conrad
    • Matt Larson, VeriSign
    • Rick Wesson, Support Intelligence Inc.
    • Rick Wilhelm, Network Solutions


    • Luis Diego Espinoza
    • Bill Manning

    ICANN Support Staff

    • Bart Boswinkel
    • Gisella Gruber-White
    • Julie Hedlund
    • Patrick Jones
    • Kristina Nordstrom
    • David Olive
    • Glen de Saint Géry
    • Gabriella Schittek





    Adobe Connect Recordings

    Mp3 recordings of the Working Group meetings can be found at

    Additional Information

    The GNSO Council resolved at its meeting on 12 December 2013 to adopts the DSSA Report (see submitted by the co-chairs of the DSSA WG, as the Final Report of the DSSA WG in accordance with section 2.4 of its charter. Upon adoption of the Final report of the DSSA, and notification of adoption to the co-chairs of the DSSA, the working group was closed.