TLD-OPS: ccTLD Security and Stability Together

TLD OPS Wiki Page

TLD-OPS is the incident response community for and by ccTLDs and brings together people who are responsible for the operational security and stability of their ccTLD. The goal of the TLD-OPS community is to enable ccTLD operators worldwide to detect and mitigate incidents that may affect the security and stability of ccTLD services, such as DDoS attacks, malware infections, and phishing attacks. The aim of TLD-OPS is to further extend members' existing incident response structures, processes, and tools and not to replace them.

TLD-OPS is open to every ccTLD, irrespective of ccNSO membership.


TLD-OPS currently covers more than 65% of all ccTLDs. The list of TLD-OPS members is at the end of this page. The list of ccTLDs who have not been able to subscribe yet is here. If you know one or more of them, then please feel free to send them the TLD-OPS leaflet (also available in Arabic Spanish French Russian Chinese), which contains all the information they need to join.

Mailing List

TLD-OPS revolves around on a standard mailing list, which members actively use to share and receive security alerts and queries. Examples are alerts on malware that uses the name space of ccTLDs and DDoS attacks on the DNS. Members are regularly able to alert and help each other this way.

The TLD-OPS mailing list also acts as a contact repository in that subscribers receive an automatically generated email every month that contains the incident response contact information (names, phone numbers, email addresses) of all member ccTLDs. The contact repository improves the reachability of TLD-OPS members because everyone has everyone else's contact information readily available in their inbox, which typically also works in offline emergency situations.

How to Join

Joining the TLD-OPS list is extremely easy because it's an email list. Simply ask your IANA administrative contact to send an email with the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of the security and stability contacts of your ccTLD to the ccNSO Secretariat. Please use the subscription template below. You can subscribe up to three people of your ccTLD to the mailing list.

Important: your subscription request email must come from the administrative contact address you have currently registered in the IANA database. If this is not possible, then you must copy this email address in your subscription request email. Otherwise, we cannot subscribe you to the list.

If you are a member, we recommend that you turn off any filtering rules for the TLD-OPS mailing list address to avoid the monthly emails not reaching you. The subject line of these messages is "[tld-ops] TLD-OPS Incident Response Community Repository <yyyymmdd-0600>".

Membership Update Procedure

The procedure on how the TLD-OPS Standing Committee manages TLD-OPS membership updates, such as the addition of a Security and Stability Contact for a particular member ccTLD and a change of their contact information can be found here.

TLD Monitoring Tools

We maintain a list of TLD monitoring tools, which may be useful for ccTLDs in the advent of a security incident to remotely determine the status of a TLD. Some of the URLs are .CA-specific and should be replaced with your TLD. Please send us an email if you there's another tool that you think would be worth adding to the list.


TLD-OPS is fully governed by the ccTLD community through the TLD-OPS Standing Committee, which consists of representatives of ccTLDs and liaisons from SSAC, IANA, and ICANN's security team. The Standing Committee oversees the list's daily operation and the further development of the "TLD-OPS ecosystem". The ccNSO Secretariat provides administrative support. The list server runs at DNS-OARC. The TLD-OPS list was set up by the SECIR WG.

TLD-OPS Terms of Use

The TLD-OPS mailing is used in three different ways: (1) as a contact repository to increase the reachability of ccTLDs in incident response situations, (2) to alert TLD-OPS members of security and stability threats, and (3) as a means for the TLD-OPS Standing Committee to interact with the TLD-OPS community. Entire Terms of Use can be found here.

Subscription Template

Please use the format below to subscribe your ccTLD to the TLD-OPS list.

From: ccTLD IANA Admin Address
To: ccNSO Secretariat <>
Cc: ccTLD IANA Admin Address (if "From:" is not the IANA Admin Address)
Subject: Request to join the TLD-OPS mailing list


Dear ccNSO Secretariat,

I would like to subscribe the people below to the TLD-OPS list. I hereby confirm that they are responsible for the overall security and stability of my ccTLD, and that I am the IANA Admin Contact of my ccTLD or that I am authorized to act on his/her behalf.

Best regards,

IANA Admin Contact of <ccTLD>


Contact Person #1 (primary):
Name: <FirstName1> <LastName1>
Email address: <EmailAddress1>
Mobile phone number: +<country code> <number>

Contact Person #2 (secondary):
Name: <FirstName2> <LastName2>
Email address: <EmailAddress2>
Mobile phone number: +<country code> <number>

Contact Person #3:
Name: <FirstName3> <LastName3>
Email address: <EmailAddress3>
Mobile phone number: +<country code> <number>

Email List Subscribers (Region)

  1. .ad Andorra (EU)
  2. .ae United Arab Emirates (AP)
  3. .af Afghanistan (AP)
  4. .al Albania (EU)
  5. .am Armenia (AP)
  6. .an Netherlands Antilles (EU)
  7. .aq Antarctica (AP)
  8. .ar Argentina (LAC)
  9. .as American Samoa (AP)
  10. .at Austria (EU)
  11. .au Australia (AP)
  12. .aw Aruba (EU)
  13. .ax Åland Islands (EU)
  14. .ba Bosnia And Herzegovina (EU)
  15. .bb Barbados (LAC)
  16. .be Belgium (EU)
  17. .bf Burkina Faso (AF)
  18. .bg Bulgaria (EU)
  19. .bh Bahrain (AP)
  20. .bi Burundi (AF)
  21. .bm Bermuda (EU)
  22. .bn Brunei Darussalam (AP)
  23. .bo Bolivia (LAC)
  24. .br Brazil (LAC)
  25. .bv Bouvet Island (EU)
  26. .bw Botswana (AF)
  27. .by Belarus (EU)
  28. .ca Canada (NA)
  29. .cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands (AP)
  30. .ch Switzerland (EU)
  31. .cl Chile (LAC)
  32. .cn China (AP)
  33. .co Colombia (LAC)
  34. .cr Costa Rica (LAC)
  35. .cv Cape Verde (AF)
  36. .cw Curaçao (EU)
  37. .cy Cyprus (AP)
  38. .cz Czech Republic (EU)
  39. .de Germany (EU)
  40. .dk Denmark (EU)
  41. .dm Dominica (LAC)
  42. .do Dominican Republic (LAC)
  43. .dz Algeria (AF)
  44. .ec Equador (LAC)
  45. .ee Estonia (EU)
  46. .eg Egypt (AF)
  47. .es Spain (EU)
  48. .eu European Union (EU)
  49. .fi Finland (EU)
  50. .fj Fiji (AP)
  51. .fk Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (EU)
  52. .fm Micronesia, Federated States of (AP)
  53. .fo Faroe Islands (EU)
  54. .fr France (EU)
  55. .gd Grenada (LAC)
  56. .ge Georgia (AP)
  57. .gg Guernsey (EU)
  58. .gh Ghana (AF)
  59. .gi Gibraltar (EU)
  60. .gl Greenland (NA)
  61. .gm Gambia (AF)
  62. .gp Guadeloupe (LAC)
  63. .gr Greece (EU)
  64. .gt Guatemala (LAC)
  65. .gu Guam (AP)
  66. .hk Hong Kong (AP)
  67. .hn Honduras (LAC)
  68. .hr Croatia (EU)
  69. .hu Hungary (EU)
  70. .id Indonesia (AP)
  71. .ie Ireland (EU)
  72. .il Israel (AP)
  73. .im Isle of Man (EU)
  74. .in India (AP)
  75. .iq Iraq (AP)
  76. .ir Iran, Islamic Republic Of (AP)
  77. .is Iceland (EU)
  78. .it Italy (EU)
  79. .je Jersey (EU)
  80. .jo Jordan (AP)
  81. .jp Japan (AP)
  82. .ke Kenya (AF)
  83. .kh Cambodia (AP)
  84. .ki Kiribati (AP)
  85. .km Comoros (AF)
  86. .kr Korea, Republic of (AP)
  87. .kw Kuwait (AP)
  88. .la Laos (AP)
  89. .lb Lebanon (AP)
  90. .lc Saint Lucia (LAC)
  91. .li Liechtenstein (EU)
  92. .lk Sri Lanka (AP)
  93. .ls Lesotho (AF)
  94. .lt Lithuania (EU)
  95. .lu Luxembourg (EU)
  96. .lv Latvia (EU)
  97. .ma Morocco (AF)
  98. .mc Monaco (EU)
  99. .md Moldova (EU)
  100. .me Montenegro (EU)
  101. .mg Madagascar (AF)
  102. .mk Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of (EU)
  103. .mn Mongolia (AP)
  104. .mo Macao (AP)
  105. .mr Mauritania (AF)
  106. .mt Malta (EU)
  107. .mu Mauritius (AF)
  108. .mw Malawi (AF)
  109. .mx Mexico (LAC)
  110. .my Malaysia (AP)
  111. .mz Mozambique (AF)
  112. .na Namibia (AF)
  113. .ng Nigeria (AF)
  114. .ni Nicaragua (LAC)
  115. .nl The Netherlands (EU)
  116. .no Norway (EU)
  117. .nu Niue (AP)
  118. .nz New Zealand (AP)
  119. .pa Panama (LAC)
  120. .pe Peru (LAC)
  121. .pg Papua New Guinea (AP)
  122. .ph Philippines (AP)
  123. .pl Poland (EU)
  124. .pm Saint Pierre and Miquelon (EU)
  125. .pn Pitcairn Island (EU)
  126. .pr Puerto Rico (NA)
  127. .ps Palestine (AP)
  128. .pt Portugal (EU)
  129. .py Paraguay (LAC)
  130. .qa Qatar (AP)
  131. .re Réunion Island (EU)
  132. .ro Romania (EU)
  133. .rs Serbia (EU)
  134. .ru Russia (EU)
  135. .rw Rwanda (AF)
  136. .sa Saudi Arabia (AP)
  137. .sb Solomon Islands (AP)
  138. .se Sweden (EU)
  139. .sg Singapore (AP)
  140. .si Slovenia (EU)
  141. .sj Svalbard and Jan Mayen (EU)
  142. .sk Slovakia (EU)
  143. .sm San Marino (EU)
  144. .sn Senegal (AF)
  145. .su Soviet Union (EU)
  146. .sv El Salvador (LAC)
  147. .sy Syria (AP)
  148. .tf Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands
  149. .th Thailand (AP)
  150. .tl Timor-Leste (AP)
  151. .tn Tunisia (AF)
  152. .tr Turkey (AP)
  153. .tt Trinidad and Tobago
  154. .tw Taiwan (AP)
  155. .tz Tanzania (AF)
  156. .ua Ukraine (EU)
  157. .ug Uganda (AF)
  158. .uk United Kingdom (EU)
  159. .us United States (NA)
  160. .uy Uruguay (LAC)
  161. .uz Uzbekistan (AP)
  162. .va Holy See (Vatican City) (EU)
  163. .ve Venezuela (LAC)
  164. .vg British Virgin Islands (EU)
  165. .vi US Virgin Islands (NA)
  166. .vn Vietnam (AP)
  167. .vu Vanuatu (AP)
  168. .wf Wallis and Futuna Islands (EU)
  169. .yt Mayotte (EU)
  170. .za South Africa (AF)
  171. .zm Zambia (AF)
  172. .ভারত (xn--45brj9c; India) (AP)
  173. .срб (xn--90a3ac; Serbia) (EU)
  174. .БЕЛ (xn--90ais; Belarus) (EU)
  175. .சிங்கப்பூர் xn--clchc0ea0b2g2a9gcd, Singapore) (AP)
  176. .мкд (xn--d1alf; Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of) (EU)
  177. .中国 (xn--fiqs8s; China) (AP)
  178. .中國 (xn--fiqz9s; China) (AP)
  179. .భారత్ (xn--fpcrj9c3d; India) (AP)
  180. .ලංකා (xn--fzc2c9e2c; Sri Lanka) (AP)
  181. .ભારત (xn--gecrj9c; India) (AP)
  182. .भारत (xn--h2brj9c; India) (AP)
  183. .香港 (xn--j6w193g; Hong Kong) (AP)
  184. .台灣 (xn--kpry57d; Taiwan) (AP)
  185. .台湾 (xn--kprw13d; Taiwan) (AP)
  186. .мон (xn--l1acc; Mongolia) (AP)
  187. .الجزائر (xn--lgbbat1ad8j; Algeria) (AF)
  188. .بھارت (xn--mgbbh1a71e; India) (AP)
  189. .مليسيا (xn--mgbx4cd0ab; Malaysia) (AP)
  190. .ਭਾਰਤ (xn--s9brj9c; India) (AP)
  191. .السعودية (.xn--mgberp4a5d4ar; Saudi Arabia) (AP)
  192. .рф (.xn--p1ai; Russian Federation) (EU)
  193. .تونس (xn--pgbs0dh; Tunisia) (AF)
  194. .مصر (xn--wgbh1c, Egypt) (AF)
  195. .قطر (xn--wgbl6a, Qatar) (AP)
  196. .இலங்கை (xn--xkc2al3hye2a; Sri Lanka) (AP)
  197. .இந்தியா (xn--xkc2dl3a5ee0h; India) (AP)
  198. .新加坡 (xn--yfro4i67o; Singapore) (AP)
  199. .فلسطين (xn--ygbi2ammx, Palestine) (AP)
  200. .المغرب (xn--mgbc0a9azcg; Morocco) (AF)