The ccTLD Community Email List

Purpose of the list

The "ccTLD Community List" is an Internet mailing list created to facilitate the exchange of information and general discussion on ccTLD related issues. It is an un-moderated forum, and robust discussion is encouraged. A light-touch administration policy is enforced.

Eligibility for the list

The list is only open to the following groups:

  • ccTLD Managers, administrative contacts and technical contacts of ccTLDs;
  • Staff and board members of ccTLD registries, as approved by the ccTLD Manager or administrative contact;
  • Observers from Regional ccTLD registry organisations, identified by their manager or board;
  • The ccNSO secretariat, the ICANN ccNSO Policy Support Officer and the IANA ccTLD Liaison Officer.

A list of subscribers and their affiliation will be published, and publicly available, however it will not include contact details.

Subscription details

All parties that meet the eligibility criteria are invited to participate. The ccNSO Secretariat will advertise the availability of the list to these groups. Any requests to subscribe or unsubscribe should be directed to the ccNSO Secretariat, who will seek any relevant authorisations required for new subscriptions.

The Secretariat will also consult annually to ensure the subscription list is kept up to date.

List Guidelines

  • The ccTLD Community List is an un-moderated forum for discussing issues relating to ccTLDs. There is no formal charter at this time. A light-touch administrative policy applies whereby subscribers will be removed if the ccNSO Council believes they seriously breach the harmony of the list. The ccTLD community list is not an official communications channel between individual ccTLD and the ccNSO or ICANN. It is recommended if you seek comment from the ccNSO, ICANN (including the IANA) on particular issues in an official capacity, you should use the normal, appropriate contacts.

  • Please do not reproduce material sent to this list. It discourages people from open and frank discussions if their postings are republished outside this closed forum. If you wish to use someone's post or quotes, then seek the author of the post or articles permission before doing so.

List Archive

The archives are updated in real time and are available at:

The archives are only available to the subscribers of the list.