ccNSO Activity Summary October 2010

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31 October 2010

Working Groups

All Mp3 recordings of the various Working Group Telephone Conferences during September 2010

Minutes Strategic and Operational Programme Working Group Telephone Conference 21 October 2010

Delegation and Redelegation Working Group Notes 14 October 2010

Delegation and Redelegation Working Group Notes 7 October 2010

IDN PDP Working Group 1 Notes 6 October 2010

Joint IDN ccTLD/GNSO Working Group Transcript 5 October 2010

ccNSO Council

ccNSO Council Nomination and Election Report

Minutes Council Telephone Conference 19 October 2010

Mp3 Recording of Council Telephone Conference 19 October 2010

ccNSO Nominations of one Director to the ICANN Board

ccNSO ICANN Board Nomination Report

Call for Volunteers

(OPEN until 5 November 2010) Call for Volunteers to ccNSO Finance Working Group

Various Announcements

Adopted ICANN Board Resolutions 28 October 2010

Updated Draft Agenda ccNSO Meeting Cartagena

ICANN Ombudsman Frank Fowlie is leaving ICANN

ICANN posts its FY10 Audited Financials:

Update from ICANN's Policy Department October 2010

ICANN and UNESCO Sign Letter of Intent on Work on IDN ccTLD implementation:

Safety and Security Plan for ICANN International Meetings posted:

Risk assessment of the Cartagena meeting

Update to ICANN FY11 Security, Stability & Resiliency Plan Posted

Fellowship Programme is Taking Applications to San Francisco Meeting

.CV Joins ICANN as member 108

Open ccNSO Related Public Comment Periods

(OPEN until 17 December 2010) Review of IDN ccTLD Fast-Track Process

Two Root Server Scaling Reports released

1: (OPEN until 5 November 2010) Summary of Root Zone Scaling when including new technologies and adding new top-level domains to the root

2: (OPEN until 5 November 2010) Delegation Rate Scenarios for new gTLDs:

(OPEN until 3 November 2010) Public Participation Webinar Information

(OPEN until 3 November 2010) FY 11 Update to Plan for Enhancing Internet Security, Stability and Resiliency

(ONGOING) Accountability and Transparency Review Team (ATRT) Public Forum on ATRT Review