ccNSO Activity Summary March 2014

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01 April 2014

cNSO Meetings Output Singapore:

25 March – Framework of Interpretation Working Group Progress Report Singapore

Audio & Transcripts

ccNSO Members Meeting Presentations

Tech Day Output

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Other Working/Study Group Output:

11 March – Joint ccNSO/GNSO IDN Working Group Transcript

6 March – Framework of Interpretation Working Group Transcript

Mp3 recordings of various Working Group Telephone Conferences during March

Notes, minutes and transcripts from Working Group and Council Meetings may be added later, so please, visit regularly.


Preparation Material and Output Council Meeting Singapore:

Council Decisions and Resolutions March

Latest published Council Minutes (20 February 2014): ccNSO Council Minutes 20 February 2014

ccNSO Membership

.ID Joins as Newest Member of the ccNSO

ccNSO-related Public Comment Periods

14 March – ICANN Draft Implementation Plan for WHOIS Online Accuracy and Reporting System (comments welcome until 1 April)

ICANN Strategy Panel Reports

7 March – Identifier Technology Innovation

7 March – ICANN Multistakeholder Innovation

7 March – Public Responsibility Framework

7 March – ICANN's Role in the Internet Governance Ecosystem

Links and Announcements regarding the IANA transfer

21 March – ICANN CEO Fadi Chehadé blog post on inaccuracies and misconceptions regarding the US Announcement on IANA Functions

18 March – ccNSO Internet Governance Review Group Webpage (under construction)

15 March – United States Government National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA), Announcement of intended transition key Internet domain name functions to the global multistakeholder community:

15 March – NTIA FAQ

15 March – ICANN announcement to launch a process to transition the role of the United States Government relating to the Internet's unique identifiers system

15 March – ICANN High-Level Outline of the consultation process

15 March – ICANN FAQs

15 March – The leaders of the Internet technical organisations responsible for coordination of the Internet infrastructure (IETF, IAB, RIRs, ccTLD ROs, ICANN, ISOC, and W3C), welcome the US Government's announcement of the suggested changes related to the IANA functions contract

Other Announcements

28 March – GAC Singapore Communiqué

24 March – IANA announcement that 175+ new gTLDs have been delegated

18 March – Update from ICANN's Policy Department

10 March – ICANN Quarterly (Q2) Financial Statements Report

10 March – Community Pool of Expertise Webpage

5 March – ICANN appointment of Ashwin Rangan as new Chief Innovation and Information Officer

5 March – One World Trust report on how to improve ICANN's Accountability:
Full Report