ccNSO Activity Summary June 2015

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30 June 2015

Buenos Aires Meeting-Output:

25 June - The GAC Buenos Aires Communiqué

ccNSO Presentations:

Audio & Transcripts:

Tech Day Output:

Working/Study Group Meeting Output:

12 June - CWG Update Webinar for the ccTLD Community Presentation and Adobe Connect Recording

8 June - Cross-Community Working Group on Use of Country and Territory Names as TLDs Telephone Conference Transcript

For output from the the CWG meetings see the CWG Wiki Page

For output from the the CCWG meetings see the CCWG Wiki Page: CCWG Wiki Page

Recordings of various Working Group Meetings can be found here:

ccNSO Council Output:

Latest ccNSO Council Minutes: ccNSO Council Minutes 21 May

ccNSO Council preparation material and output can be found here:

ccNSO Council Decisions on Requests for input:

ccNSO Council Decisions and Resolutions:

ccNSO Membership:

24 June - .BN (Brunei) Joins as Newest Member of the ccNSO

Links and Announcements regarding the IANA Stewardship Transfer and ICANN's Accountability Process:

30 June - The IANA Stewardship Transition Coordination Group announcing upcoming meetings:

25 June - ccNSO Council Resolution on CWG Final Proposal

21 June - Final Proposal CWG IANA Stewardship Transition

20 June - Statement from the CCWG-Accountability after Face-to-Face Meeting in Buenos Aires 20 June 2015

17 June - Overview of Outreach Efforts Regarding the IANA Stewardship Transition with Special Reference to the ccTLD Community

16 June - CWG – Stewardship and CCWG-Accountability co-chairs blog-post on coordination and dependencies between the two processes and confirm their conditionality.

15 June - Final CWG IANA Stewardship Transition Proposal: Basic Elements

15 June - Invitation from ccNSO Chair to Participate in Discussions on the CWG Proposal in Buenos Aires

Other Announcements:

25 June - ICANN Announcing FY15 Q4 Stakeholder call for 20 August at 14:00 UTC

25 June - The ICANN Fiscal Year 2015 Operating Plan and Budget was adopted by ICANN Board in Buenos Aires

22 June - ccNSO travel funding committee is now accepting applications to the ICANN meeting in Dublin, Ireland 18-22 October 2015: ccNSO Travel Funding Open for Dublin Applications

16 June - Update from ICANN's Policy Department

12 June - Comments to Singapore Survey Feedback from the ccNSO Meetings Programme Working Group

2 June - ICANN findings from Global Consumer Research Study: