ccNSO Meeting in Singapore - Summaries


Tuesday, 21 June

IANA Update – Kim Davies, IANA

Updates from the IANA team on the deployment of its root zone management system, business excellence improvements, and other activities.

Lessons From a Security Incident: NIC - Internet Costa Rica - Luis Diego Espinoza, .cr

All problems start when somebody notices that the DNS is a critical system for the Internet and could be vulnerable. Putting all efforts in protecting the name resolution process is not enough, we need to take care about the whole process, and like in our case, we missed some details protecting an important part of the process that could be very harmful. I'll like to share our experience with that incident with the community.

JP experience of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear plant accident – Hiro Hotta, .jp

Intermediate report on what happened, what JP registry suffered from, and what JP registry is preparing for are to be shared.

.cz DNSSEC Awareness Campaign – Pavel Tuma, .cz

Marketing campaing to increase the DNSSEC awareness targeting the regular internet users instead of targeting service providers – concept, execution, lessons learned after first round of the campaign, followup plans.

ICANN ccTLD DNSSEC Deployment Update – Richard Lamb, ICANN

Rick will give an update on efforts to accelerate ccTLD DNSSEC deployment and status.

Anti-Phishing Working Group Survey Findings – Rod Rasmussen, APWG

Update on the use of domain names in phishing from the APWG. Highlights include major update on phishing in China, heavy abuse of particular ccTLDs (TK, CC), subdomain services heavily abused for phishing, and uptimes for phishing sites at an all-time high.

.eu Survey on IDN State of Play Today – Giovanni Seppia, .eu

Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) have become strongly linked with Internet governance discussions on multilingualism. Of approximately 6 000 languages in the world, only 12 languages accounted for 98 % of Internet webpages in 2008. English, with 72% of web pages, is the dominant language online. The presentation will focus on a study undertaken by EURid, the .eu registry, in collaboration with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), which traces the history of IDN implementation and reviews early experiences of deploying IDN ccTLDs.

Universal Acceptability: The Public Suffix List and IDN Whitelist – Jothan Frakes, Volunteer, Mozilla Foundation

Information about two important community projects in the application developer world and how to add and update your information and improve the user experience. These lists impact how your TLD(s) appear in search, behave in anti-spam or security products, appear and operate in browsers, email products, programming languages, and much more. Learn what they are, how to review, add, and update your TLD records.

Fast Track Experiences and Update on the Preparations for the Launch of .срб – Serbia – Slobodan Markovic, .rs

My presentation will provide a brief overview of Serbian IDN string selection and delegation phase, and focus more on the adopted rules for introduction of .срб domain names and the steps ahead.

Fast Track Experiences Russia – Andrei Kolesnikov, .РФ

Russian IDN .РФ post-launch status update: numbers, patterns, success stories and problems. Move towards 1 mln domain names

Fast Track Experiences Quatar – Mohamed El Bashir, .qa

An overview of Qatar's IDN fast track experience, from string selection to the delegation phase. The presentation will highlight Qatar's IDN launch arrangements.

Fast Track Experiences Thailand – Parkpoom Tripatana, .th

After the approval of Dot Thai IDN ccTLD to Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNICF) in August 2010, the policies were developed to suit with the current .th (ASCII ccTLD) policies. The registration system was also upgraded to reflect them. We introduced 2 sunrise periods before the full launch in March 2011 in transition of and existing .th customers. Dot Thai is now free of charge and grows steadily.


Wednesday, 22 June

.sg ccTLD Update - Michelle Sng, .sg

The presentation from the .SG national registry will include a quick overview of their registry operations as well as updates on their IDN ccTLD launch, premium domain names, recent enforcement efforts, latest statistics, and other issues.

IDNs on the Second Level in .my - Norsuzana Harun, .my

From testbed to going live, .my DOMAIN REGISTRY will share the experiences of introducing Jawi, Chinese & Tamil scripts for the Malaysian Internet community and the collaboration with the language, policy and technical committees.

Setup and Status of .fo Today – Isak Jacobsen, .fo

A short historical résumé and facts about fo. How we have chosen to construct the fo domain space and the considerations we have made in connection with the introduction of the present set of rules governing fo. The process from our old system to FRED and the challenges we face in the near future.

.uk New Policy Process – Alex Blowers, .uk

A short presentation on Nominet's new .uk policy process, the early issues that it has surfaced and what it may say for the future as regards the need for broad stakeholder engagement and the defence of the self-regulatory model.

.cd Prospective - Bringing Back its Value Where it Belongs - Chris Tshimanga, .cd

I intend to share with the community on the experience we had on pre/post redelegation; the revitalisation plan that brings back confidence and values on a ccTLD resulting to reach the broad community.

Recent Developments in .au – Jon Lawrence, .au

I’ll be talking about the awareness-building activities that we’ve done recently around two significant milestones:
- Passing the 2 million active domain names mark
- The 25th anniversary of the creation of .au

AfTLD Update – Eric Akumiah, AfTLD

Update on AfTLD AGM in Accra and finalising AfTLD’s .africa preparations.

APTLD Update – Jian Zhang, APTLD

Update on recent APTLD activities, also issues and challenges we have in the region.

CENTR Update - Peter Van Roste, CENTR

The presentation will focus on two discussion that took place within the CENTR community since the last ICANN meeting:
- In the context of the NTIA NOI, CENTR launched a survey on IANA services amongst its members. I will present the results and how we interpreted them.
- At our last GA we organized a debate that focused on the question "Is IGF still relevant for ccTLDs?". I plan to report the results from that discussion.