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ccNSO Meeting in Senegal - Presentations


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Update on the Strategic Plan - Roelof Meijer, .nl

Update on the Strategic Plan - Kurt Pritz, ICANN

IANA Update - Kim Davies, ICANN

Geographic regions, re-aligning ICANN's geographic regions - David Archbold, .ky Rob Hoggarth, ICANN

AFNIC Update - Mathieu Weill, .fr

Framework of Interpretation Working Group Update - Becky Burr, ccNSO Councillor, Bernard Turcotte, ICANN

IDN PDP WG 1 - Confusingly Similar Strings - Chris Disspain, .au

IDN PDP WG 2 - Draft Final Report on Voting Mechanism - Hiro Hotta, .jp

ASO Update - Louie Lee, ASO

DSSA Working Group Update - Jörg Schweiger, .de

Replacing WHOIS - Jay Daley, .nz

Changing the WHOIS for .cat - Nacho Amandoz, .cat

5-year Review of AFNIC WHOIS Policy - Mathieu Weill, .fr

Affirmation of Commitment Review Team Update - SSR Team

NomCom and ATRT Recommendations - Adam Peake, NomCom


Wednesday 26 October

FoI presentation to the GAC - Becky Burr, ccNSO Councillor

JIG Working Group Update - Edmon Chung, .asia

VIP Update - Dennis Jennings, ICANN

NICSN, Inventory and Work in Progress - Alioune Thioune, .sn

Funding for Registries in Emerging Markets - Carsten Schiefner, ironDNS

Switching Nigerians to .ng ccTLD - Ope Odusan, .ng

Sharing Technical Resources with Other Small Registries - Nigel Roberts, .gg/.je

Funding for Registries in Emerging Markets - Carsten Schiefner, ironDNS

Opening up prefecture-SLD under the .jp ccTLD - Hiro Hotta, .jp

Two year experiences of being a regulated TLD - Lise Fuhr, .dk

APTLD Update - Jian Zhang, APTLD

LACTLD Update - Oscar Robles, .mx

Panel Discussion: New gTLDs - Partners or New Competitors? - Eberhard Lisse, .na