ccNSO Meeting in San Francisco, United States - Workshop


Tech Day Agenda


ccNSO Tech Day 1 with OARC - 13 March 2011

ccNSO Tech Day 2 with OARC - 14 March 2011



Tech Day 1 with OARC

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Tech Day 2 with OARC

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Sunday 13 March 2011

.中国/.中國 IDNA experience – Xiaodong Lee, CNNIC

Vulnerability Detection in Core Systems – Patrycja Wegrzynowicz, Andrzej Bartosiewicz, Yonita

DNSSEC Side Effects – Jot Powers, PayPal

DNSSEC Validation Measurements – Kazunori Fujiwara, JPRS

Analyzing DNS Sec Client Behaviour – Bart Gijsen, .TNO

Conclusions from DNS Traces – Olafur Gudmunsson, Shinkuro

DNSSEC Acceleration Using CUDA – Ondrej Sury, .cz

JPRS Production DNS Servers – Kazunori Fujiwara, JPRS

AS112bis – George Michaelson, APNIC

DNS RPZ, Rev 2 – Paul Vixie, ISC

DNS Amplification DDOS – Eric Ziegast, ISC

New DNS Records for Certificates – Paul Hoffman, VPN Consortium

Threshold Cryptographic Backend – Antonio Cansado,



Monday 14 March 2011

Opening Remarks – Wayne MacLaurin, OARC

DNSSec Key Deletion Issue – Vincent Levigneron, AFNIC

cc Conficker Sinkhole – Eric Ziegast, ISC

ccTLD Security – Barry Greene, ISC

Host Presentation – Brian Cute, .org

Trials, Tribulations & EPP – Theo Kramer, .za

Botnet affecting .CL Mauricio Vergara Ereche, .cl

Shared DNSSEC Signing Platform – Rick Lamb, Bill Woodcock, PCH

FRED Developments – Jaromir Talir, .cz

BIND10 Update – Larissa Shapiro, ISC

DNS Infrastructure – Steve Gibbard, nominum

PingER – Les Cottrell, SLAC

NSD Update Jaap Akkerhuis – NLnet Labs