ccNSO Meeting in San Francisco, United States - Summaries


Monday 14 March 2011


Tuesday 15 March 2011

Briefing to the ccNSO – Patrik Fältström, SSAC Chair, and Jim Galvin, SSAC Vice Chair

  1. Introduction: Patrik Fältström, SSAC Chair, Cisco and Jim Galvin, SSAC Vice Chair, Afilias
  2. SSAC 2011 Work Plan
  3. Collaboration & Outreach
  4. Questions & Discussion

Dispute resolutions in – Petr Hostas, Czech Arbitration Court celebrates its 5th anniversary. The experiences from the organization of the dispute resolution procedure in the newly established TLD will be presented by the Czech Arbitration Court as the dispute resolution provider.

WIPO Arbitration Services – Speaker TBC

Since the launch of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) ccTLD Program in the year 2000, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center (WIPO Center) has provided technical assistance to many ccTLDs with a view to establishing registration conditions and dispute resolution procedures that conform with international standards of intellectual property protection while taking into account the particular circumstances and needs of the individual ccTLD. The WIPO Center also provides a variety of publicly available ccTLD registration and dispute information resources. Building on 10 years of experience administering almost 20,000 domain name dispute cases, the WIPO Center currently provides domain name dispute resolution services for 65 country code top level domains in some 12 languages. This session will elaborate on that experience.

Dispute resolution under .CL: A case of LDRP based on Arbitration – Margarita Valdes, .cl

In September 1997, two years ahead of the UDRP, NIC Chile introduced a Local Dispute Resolution Policy based on Arbitration. Initially, it only allowed complaints to be filed shortly after the registration of a domain, and this was later extended for the case of abusive registrations. Also, in 2000 a mediation stage was introduced, as a way to avoid arbitration costs for cases that could be resolved by mutual agreement.

Currently, NIC Chile is working to improve the process, including the implementation of electronic arbitration, an important innovation under the Chilean legal framework.


Wednesday 16 March 2011

When Your Security Systems Fail; The Last Line of "Defense" – Rodney Joffe, .us

Irrespective of how good a job you do in designing and implementing your security architecture, at some stage your systems will fail and be compromised. In this presentation you'll learn about two innovative new processes that will help you mitigate the effects of that inevitable failure.

Domain System Threat Landscape – Pablo Rodriguez, .pr; Janelle McAlister, Mark Monitor

The presentation is a case study regarding a group of hackers' attack, lessons learned from the registry and registrar perspective and it ends offering future solutions.

.US Branding Refresh – Judy Song-Marshall, .us

This is a high level overview of our recent .US refresh and our positioning.

The 10 best ways to hack a registry – Simon McCalla, .uk

An alternate look at Registry Security from lessons learned by Nominet, the .UK Registry, focusing on some surprising and unusual methods of penetrating registry security systems.

Quality Management Award to .se – Danny Aerts, .se

A cctld administrator performs a public service on behalf of the Internet community. In that capacity it is essential that the administrator can proof that it deserves the trust given. A perfect way of doing this to excel in Quality Management. The cctld .SE has been awarded "organization of the year 2010 in Quality" and will present its journey and the efforts that lead to the award.

A Case Study on the Delegation & Redelegation of .so – Mohamed Ibrahim, .so

Technical and legal perspective of ccTLD (re)delegation will be covered in this presentation, paying a close attention to the intricate and sometimes ambiguous roles of ITU/IANA and other entities in this space. Although inspired by events from the African ICT arena, the issues discussed are more or less universal and will contribute to the way forward in this fascinating topic.

SIDN celebrates 25 years .nl with the Dutch public – Sieger Springer, .nl

This year, we celebrate 25 years of .nl with a number of activities that aim to make the Dutch public realize the huge importance of the internet to the Dutch society, economics but also to all of our individual lives. We launched a website with an interactive timeline to which everyone can contribute their own .nl experience ( May will see the release of a glossy .NL magazine and in the fall we will sponsor Dutch Science Center / children museum Nemo and co-create an exposition dedicated to internet in the Netherlands. The year will be closed with an internet event that will host around 2.000 attendees from the Dutch internet sector to celebrate the success of this domain and discuss important trends and developments and where they will lead us in the future.

.eu Introduction of Multiyear Registrations – Giovanni Seppia, .eu

The presentation will focus on the introduction of multiyear registrations (MYR) for the .eu Top Level Domain, the consultations and surveys we had with the registrar community on this matter, as well as the procedures and promo actions that will be in place during the MYR launch.

WHOIS Review Team Update – Emily Taylor, Kathy Kleiman, WHOIS Review Team

The WHOIS Review Team has been set up under the Affirmation of Commitments to "assess the extent to which WHOIS policy is effective and its implementation meets the legitimate needs of law enforcement and promotes consumer trust". The Review Team has drafted a scope of work, roadmap, outreach plan, action plan and has done some early work on defining key terms. A call for public comment was launched on 4 March and a public session has been scheduled for Wednesday 16 March 2011 at 11am-12 noon in the Elizabethan A-C meeting room.

The presentation will give an overview of the Team's work to date, issues arising from the public comment, and explore ways in which the ccNSO may be able to contribute to the Review Team's work, for example through the sharing of experiences and good practices relating to ccTLD WHOIS services.