ccNSO Meeting in London - Summaries

Tuesday 24 June 2014

Overview of Current Global Internet Governance Initiatives – Desiree Miloshevic, .gi, Afilias
The presentation will briefly address the latest developments in Internet governance e.g. IANA transition, NetMundial, WSIS 10+, IGF as paths of the Internet governance journey. It will explore recent global shift in focus on what's required to re-build digital trustworthiness within the Internet ecosystem as well as among stakeholders and institutions. Can we imagine healthy development of our digital society without solving the post-Snowden challenges it brings to citizens, technology, community and governments as well?

A primer for ccTLDs on Internet governance and the ITU – Allan MacGillivray, .ca
The debate over the role of the ITU in Internet governance did not end with the WCIT in December 2012. The next important meeting is the ITU's Plenipotentiary meeting this October in South Korea. This session will discuss why, and how, ccTLDs should engage their national governments on ITU issues.

Internet Governance for Sustainable Development – Xiantang Sun, .cn
The transnational cooperation on Internet Governance is extremely imperative. Moreover, the primary goal, which is also the essence of IG, is sustainable development. CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) has made some attempts and efforts on IG research, including the establishment of the Institution of Internet Governance. During the presentation, we will propose the challenges we are facing, the necessity and conception of IG, and introduce the experience of researches what we have been undertaking on IG.

Impact of Free Trade agreements on Internet Policy in Latin America – Celia Lerman Friedman, ccNSO NomCom Councillor
Internet policy in many Latin American countries has been directly affected by Free Trade Agreement (FTAs) negotiations. This presentation summarizes the findings of a joint project between the Internet Policy Observatory at the University of Pennsylvania and Universidad Di Tella – Argentina. The project studied the collisions between local legal cultures and FTA obligations (specially regarding dispute resolution, privacy and intellectual property protection), and analyzed possible solutions to mitigate the problems, such as a recent initiative to create a Latin American regional domain name dispute – resolution provider under ICANN's Strategy for Latin America and the Caribbean.

.UK Security Roadmap – Simon McCalla, .uk
A presentation on the development of a security roadmap for Nominet discussing some of the thinking behind the security products and services being rolled out to the UK namespace. The presentations discusses some of the benefits and challenges of developing a coherent security strategy and how this can be perceived by external stakeholders.

.MX: Secure Software Development – Carlos Alberto Cárdenas, .mx
Technological Infrastructure, Electronic Transactions, Personal Data Protection and Customer Satisfaction among the considerations to take into account in the software design, development and testing processes inside a TLD.

ICANN ISSR (Identifier Systems Security, Stability & Resiliency) Training Programmes – Dave Piscitello, ICANN
We would like to offer to give a short presentation that the describes the training that we call "Investigating DNS abuse or misuse" (also called "Finding Badness in the DNS" in earlier deliveries).

Our intent is to show:

  • The purpose of the training
  • the topics we cover
  • the kinds of participants we train
  • the organizations through which we coordinate training
  • the methodology we encourage participants to apply
  • summary/overview the resources we share

This will also give the audience the opportunity to raise any questions they may have and to hold a discussion about such education initiatives. We would also like to learn what future topics your organization might want to have our team present at future ICANN meetings.

ICANN Operational Excellence – ICANN Dashboards and Key Performance Indicator – Carole Cornell, ICANN & Aba Diakite ICANN
We would like to build on the dialogue that has been started with several community members on ICANN Operational Excellence, by providing a brief update on ICANN Dashboards and Key Performance Indicator. The agenda contains our high-level approach plus we will share some of the current performance data such as IANA, Contractual Compliance and ICANN Operations to name a few.

We hope to receive some feedback and input on the Dashboards efforts.

Web accessibility – Gunela Astbrink, At-Large Accessibility Taskforce
The new ICANN At-Large Accessibility Taskforce has supported a set of objectives and actions to build a culture of accessibility within the ICANN community. Gunela Astbrink will outline these objectives, focus on web accessibility and discuss the link between ccTLDs and web accessibility.


Wednesday 25 June 2014

Registry Liability for Content?! - Stephan Welzel, de
Attempts to hold TLD registries liable for the content of websites seem to become more and more fashionable. The presentation will look into the issue in general as well as into some recent court cases in particular.

The new Danish Domain Name Act and the implications on the .dk-registry – Lise Fuhr, .dk
This year a new Domain name Act came into force. This act has some impact on the Danish registry both according to how we have to register domain names in the future and on our permission to run the administration of .dk. Furthermore there is a change to the processes related to the tender regarding the administration of .dk.

Additional Rights Protection Mechanisms for .ZA and South Africa's new City TLDs – Neil Dundas, .za
The ZA Central Registry has historically administered second level domains within the .ZA ccTLD. However, the introduction of new, locally relevant, geo TLDs into the South African domain name market, has meant that it is no longer "business as usual" for the ZACR. Amongst a host of other challenges, the registry has had to implement and promote a wide variety of new Rights Protection Mechanisms (RPMs) in order to successfully launch the new TLDs and any new SLDs within .ZA.

The launch of these new 'open' domains to the public has resulted in the introduction of a variety of new RPMs to protect the interests of intellectual property (ip) rights owners, governments and affected communities across the region. These new RPM's include introducing the "First-Come-First-Served" orientated local domain market to concepts such as Sunrise period, TMCH, UDRP, URS and Reserved Name Lists (RNLs), to name a few.

This presentation is a brief overview of how the ZACR has attempted addressed these challenges.

.UK: Launch of Second Level Domains and Raising Standards – Eleanor Bradley, .uk
Launch of .uk second level domain registrations: our motivation, how we went about it and how our registrants and registrars are responding to the change. Standards: responding to domain names associated with criminal activity, data validation, working with our registrars and our registration policy review.

EU: The .eu Bid Process – Giovanni Seppia, .eu
Following the Commission Implementing Decision of 11 April 2014 (2014/207/EU) on the designation of the .eu Top Level Domain Registry, EURid has been reappointed as the .eu registry for the next five years The presentation will cover the bidding process, the EURid response to the bid and the fulfillment of the EC criteria.

.tn and .تونس – Wafa Dahmani Zaafouri, .tn
I will describe our experience in cctlds especially the actions that we have done in order to promote .tn and .تونس

NL: Measuring how Existing and new gTLDs Affect the Positioning your ccTLD: a .nl Case Study – Michiel Henneke, .nl
We have conducted a survey on the positioning of .nl. In this we have not only looked into the way users perceived .nl in relation to other existing extensions, but we've also looked at the way some new gTLD's were perceived.

We feel the setup of this survey and its results are very useful to the members of the CCNSO community.

.AU: .au Stakeholder Survey on Awareness Levels and Attitudes & Introducing a World-First Industry Security Standard for Registrars – Jo Lim, .au
Jo Lim will present two recent developments in the .au space:

  • A survey of .au stakeholder awareness levels and attitudes undertaken By auDA and AusRegistry; and
  • The recent introduction of a world-first Industry Security Standard for registrars