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ccNSO Meeting in Buenos Aires - Agenda


ccNSO Members Meeting Tuesday 23 June 2015

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09.00–09.10Meeting IntroductionByron Holland, .ca;
Katrina Sataki, .lv Programme Working Group Chair

Working Group Updates

Session Chair: Katrina Sataki, .lv 

GRC WG Update

Katrina Sataki, .lv (GRC Chair) 

Country and Territory Names WG Update

Annebeth Lange, .no 

TLD OPS Update

Cristian Hesselman, .nl (SECIR Chair)TLD-OPS leaflet
9.45–10.45Meeting with the ICANN Board  
10.45–11.00Coffee break  
11.00–12.00Joint Meeting with the GAC  
12.10–12.40SOP WG Update BudgetGiovanni Seppia, .eu (SOP Chair)SOP WG Input to ICANN FY16 Operating Plan & Budget
 ICANN Operations UpdateCarole Cornell; Xavier Calvez, ICANNICANN Draft FY16 Operating Plan & Budget

Public Safety Working Group–What is it and how does it work

Richard Leaning, Europol 
14.00–15.45IANA Stewardship Transition / ICANN Accountability 
 Block I: Overview of CWG, CCWG and ICG Processes - Timelines and InterdependenciesSession Chair: Byron Holland, .ca
Lise Fuhr, .dk, CWG co-Chair; .dk; Mathieu Weill, .fr, CCWG co-Chair; Keith Davidson, .nz, Member of the ICG ;LACTLD Chair
 Block II: Summary of ccTLD Positions Discussion of Areas of Convergence and Non-ConvergenceSession Chair: LAC TLD Chair
Lise Fuhr, .dk, CWG co–Chair, Allan MacGillivray, .ca; Martin Boyle, .uk; Staffan Jonson, .se; Maarten Simon, .nl, Jay Daley, .nz
15.45–16.00Coffee break  
16.00–17.30ICANN UpdatesSession Chair: Patricio Poblete, .cl 
 An Introduction to the New ICANN Meetings StrategyBart Boswinkel, ICANN; Keith Davidson, .nzMeetings Strategy WG Recommendations
 IANA UpdateKim Davies,IANA 
 Name Collision Mitigation UpdateFrancisco Arias, ICANN 
 Universal Acceptance & ccTLDsDusan Stojicevic, .rs, co-chair of UA IDN Project Group 
 IDN Programme UpdateSarmad Hussain, ICANN 
18.30ccNSO Cocktail  


Members Meeting Wednesday 24 June 2015

Remote participation links can be found here

9.00–9.30Discussion with ccNSO Selected ICANN Board MembersChris Disspain, au; Mike Silber, .za 
9.30–10.45IANA Stewardship Transition / ICANN Accountability  
 Block III: CCWG Interim Proposals and ccTLD ViewsSession Chair: Mathieu Weill, .fr, ccWG co-Chair
Lise Fuhr, .dk, CWG co–Chair; Jordan Carter, .nz, Becky Burr, .us
10.45–11.00Coffee Break  
11.00–12.30ccTLD News SessionSession Chair: Alejandra Reynoso, .gt 
 .ar: NIC Argentina (.AR)–2012 to 2015 - Our Experience from a Communication PerspectiveMiguel Ignacio Estrada, .ar 
 .nz: Introducing second level registrations into .nzDebbie Monahan, .nz; David Morrison, NZRS 
 .py: Deployment of second level domains for the ccTLD .PYBruno Duarte, .py 
 .fi: Dispute Resolution in the .fi RegistrySanna Sahlman, fi 
 LACTLD Anycast cloudCarolina Aguerre, LACTLD; Hugo Salgado, .cl 
12.30–13.30IANA Stewardship Transition / ICANN Accountability  
 Block IV: Post Transition IANA (PTI), its role and Board CompositionSession Chair: Byron Holland, .ca
Moderator: Jim Trengrove, ICANN
Introduction: Lise Fuhr, .dk, CWG co–Chair
Panellists: Maarten Simon, .nl, Mary Uduma, .ng, Paul Szyndler, .au
14.15–15.15Block IV, continued: Periodic Review and Special Periodic ReviewSession Chair: Byron Holland, .ca
Moderator: Jim Trengrove, ICANN
Introduction: Stephanie Duchesneau, .us
Panellists: Jordan Carter, .nz Giovanni Seppia, .eu, CENTR Chair, Paul Szyndler, .au
15.15–16.30IANA Stewardship Transition / ICANN Accountability  
 Block V: Wrap Up and Next StepsSession Chair: Byron Holland, .ca
Moderator: Jim Trengrove, ICANN
16.30–16.45Coffee Break  
16.45–18.00ccNSO Council Meeting