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ccNSO Meeting in Beijing - Summaries


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Updated on the Replacement of WHOIS – Olaf Kolkman, SSAC

The session will provide an update on the work at the IETF to develop a protocol aimed at replacing the WHOIS protocol.

ICANN Outreach Initiatives – John Crain, ICANN

ICANN has been involved in many cooperative training programs with ccTLD regional bodies and others throughout the last years. John will give an overview of these programs and is seeking input on how CcNSO members believe this should evolve.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

IDN Variant Project Update – Naela Sarras, ICANN

The presentation includes an update on the IDN Variant TLD Program, now entering its phase 4. The presentation will focus on the program's next steps and projects and will briefly describe the work completed in phase three, namely the Procedure to Develop and Maintain the Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone in Respect of IDNA Labels and the Examining the User Experience Implications of Active Variant TLDs Study.

Less is More? Changes to the Danish Domain Name Act – Lise Fuhr, .dk

The Danish Business Authority is in the process of changing the Domain Name Act in Denmark and the changes may well affect the way the .dk-domain shall be managed in the future. The presentation will lay out the main topics in the expected proposal from the Danish Government and will ask the question: will less regulation increase the complexity?

The Leading Force of Chinese Domain Name Market Evolution – Hongbin Zhu, .cn

The presentation will analyze the domain name market of China and its recent evolution under the circumstance of upcoming new gTLDs and other variations. CNNIC performs a crucial driving force for this evolution in terms of technology innovation and policy development. CNNIC¹s recent news update including the IDN table development, IDN Whois standards research, the Whois accuracy policies update and CNNIC¹s new gTLD application experience will be introduced in the presentation. The major implication of this presentation is that technology advantage and insights of the market will help ccTLD to keep its leading role in the domestic domain name market.

The Release of Second Level Domain Names Under .gt – Alejandra Reynoso, .gt

After a brief summary of how our operation works, we will share our experience through the process of releasing the second level domain names and where that step has taken us so far.

Small TLDs Working Together – Stephen Deerhake, .as and Nigel Roberts, .gg

The presenation will be about the work done by CI Domain Registry in cooperation with AS Domain REgisty on migrating the .AS legacy system to a fully EPP compliant shared registry system, cleansing the data, and introducting a modern registrar model, and supplying backend registry services.

Domain Disputes Solved with General Competition Law – An Icelandic Case Study – Jens Petur Jensen, .is

The presentations will deal with how the Icelandic Registry solves domain name disputes, using general law on unhealthy business practices (competition law), regardless of whether it is a .com or .is domain.